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Ms. Denise McDevitt

The Client Mantra--Marketing Effectivenes: Effie Awards as an Agency Credential & RTB in Your Agency's Effectiveness

Clients face intense pressure to continually prove that they are generating positive results from their marketing investment. So, if Effie Awards are synonymous with "ideas that work" then isn't winning an Effie a technique for demonstrating that your agency’s work is actually working?
Agency new business credentials are structured to demonstrate that the agency understands the needs of the client and that the agency has a track record of applying creative, strategic thinking and solutions to moving the needle on their clients' business. In order to help 4A's members' new business efforts, the 4A's is collaborating with Effie Worldwide, Inc. to conduct The Effie Entry Workshop Webinar for 4A's members.
The Effie workshop and Webinar will provide 4A's members with access to the Effie Awards staff, who will explain the dynamics of Effie awards: how to enter, how an entry is judged, and insights on how to prepare an effective case. Effie's are not just for large global campaigns. Print, digital, TV or guerrilla--BtoB and BtoC--all work is eligible to win an Effie, so long the work has a demonstrable impact.
If you have thoughts on what constitutes marketing effectiveness and great case studies we'd welcome your comments.

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