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Ms. Lisa Colantuono

Cracking the Clutter! What Babies Can Teach Ad Agency New Business Executives About Prospecting

Many new business executives in the industry know that I’m in love with a two-and-a-half-foot, 26lb little guy…yes, my nephew. And if you want to see my little love, every Saturday I post a new photo of him on Facebook. So, besides getting a real workout once a week during my babysitting session with him, I realized he also exemplified how new business executives should think about prospecting. How?  Let me explain.
There isn’t an agency that meets with AAR Partners that doesn’t start or end with the questions, “What are successful agencies doing to crack the clutter?" or "How do agencies attract clients’ attention?” We often hear their answer is strictly setting objectives, developing pitch lists, determining goals and being extremely focused on categories or target markets where the agency has knee-deep experience. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing inaccurate with this approach but the value of exemplifying unexpected results is often forgotten!
Babies (like my favorite nephew) are captivated by the most unexpected results. Adults, on the other hand, focus on the outcomes that are the most relevant to their goals. They focus on objects and objectives that will be most useful to them. But babies play with objects that will teach them the most! The key…they draw on anything new, unexpected or informative.
At AAR Partners, we receive hundreds of letters, mailers, emails, credential and collateral pieces that seem well…rather programmed, “more about me and less about you” and simply expected. The element of surprise (or the value of exemplifying unexpected results), isn’t usually communicated. Agencies fall into the same pattern of churning out information about the agency and often forget to be informative. They forget to teach their prospect something of value.
Babies are captivated by unexpected results…just like CMOs! They need to see the value, something new or be surprised by unexpected results. They need to know that their brand is going to attract consumers by pulling them, rather than pushing them along. Crystallize how your agency has demonstrated unexpected and exceptional results for clients’ business, make it relevant to the specific advertiser you’re speaking to and in turn, captivate the prospect.
So, the next time you see a baby captivated by something unexpected (or informative), remember, that’s the concept of how an agency could crack the clutter. And the results can be rewarding for everyone.

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Good analogy-thanks for sharing. 4A looks forward to your participation in the January 28 2010 webinar "Prospecting --Cracking The Clutter"
Tom Finneran
Posted by Mr. Thomas Finneran (Friday, October 30, 2009 4:51 PM)

Learning from babies

Thank you for posting such an informative and interesting article! I certainly agree with you as far as the importance of providing value and an element of the unexpected to prospective clients. Your phrasing in particular, "they need to know that their brand is going to attract consumers by pulling them, rather than pushing them along" really resonated with me in terms of what all good agencies should be trying to accomplish.
Posted by Marissa Dubin (Tuesday, January 19, 2010 10:47 AM)

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