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Is This the Year of Mobile?

Is this the Year of Mobile? It seems like this phrase has been thrown around our industry for nearly a decade, causing marketers to become skeptical when it comes to seeing mobile marketing as means through which to drive true business results--rather than a "shiny object" that creates more buzz than it does tangible success.
Here's why we think that 2011 is different. For the first time, consumer behavior and mobile platforms have reached sufficient scale for mobile to move beyond an "emerging" tactic and secure a spot at the forefront of mainstream marketing plans. Mobile has reached its tipping point as one of the critical components of the digital landscape, much like search experienced in the early 2000s and social during the past couple of years.
Within one year, Nielsen projects that smartphone adoption will exceed the adoption of feature phones. Soon, most phones will have Internet connectivity--which presents huge opportunities for marketers to tap advancements in the mobile web that fuse search, social and mobile marketing. These changes are indeed groundbreaking. While the desktop Internet is completely divorced from the physical world, mobile can bridge the gap between online and offline worlds like no other medium can.
So, what does it all mean for marketers--for people like you and I? At its highest level, mobile raises an important question: If consumers have access to information anytime and anywhere, does that change the way they think about your brand? The answer is undeniably, "Yes."
This shift presents a myriad of opportunities and challenges for marketers--several of which we been thinking about for quite some time. Recently we published our collective thoughts on the mobile landscape as a free 87-page guide for marketers. The 360i Mobile Marketing Playbook provides a foundation and framework for approaching these exciting changes ahead.
We hope you’ll explore this new territory with us by reading, downloading and sharing our report.
Bryan Wiener

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The ever evolving mobile consumer

Hello Mr. Wiener, I agreed completely that because of the evolving mobile tech space, consumers now have volumes of information available to them prior to making a decision. Consumers can Google a restaurant and check customer reviews, get directions, and make reservations all from their phone. While the increase in mobile tech has given consumers the ability to make more informed decisions, it has also given marketers a completely new platform to more accurately target the consumer. Now marketers can know exactly how far a customer is from a particular point of interest (a clients venue). They can be targeted based on location, proximity, usage patterns which is something that was not possible 10 years ago. Its an exciting time for marketers and the possibilities are endless. Amir Kahrim Mobilaurus
Posted by Amir Kahrim (Wednesday, October 20, 2010 2:14 PM)

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