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Change: the New Agency Search Reality

Catherine Bension, Select Resources International
Change: The New Agency Search Reality"
4A's New Business Committee Presentation

Catherine Bension of Select Resources International (SRI) shared insights about agency search. Catherine noted that clients vary in terms of their marketing sophistication (and budget) which in turn results in clients having different needs in terms of specialist (best in breed) resources and need for support with integration.

Catherine noted that agencies need to get better at ascertaining what the client is really looking for in a review by relentlessly asking questions, listening and by incorporating the clients input into the agency’s presentation content. Catherine also noted that procurement is playing a more active role in reviews—however—contrary to conventional wisdom the ultimate agency selection is rarely based on price.

Are Catherine's observations consistent with your agency's new business experiences? The SRI presentation deck and the link to the audio recording of Catherine Bension's presentation are provided below

View Catherine Bension's Presentation


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