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The goal for the AAAA Business Development Blog is to provide a vehicle for AAAA members (and a select group of industry new business experts) to share suggestions, best practices as well as tips, tools & tactics in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of industry business development and agency search activities

Guidelines and Logistics

Guidelines for posting comments include:

  • Be genuine
  • Strive for accuracy and integrity
  • Check your facts--correct mistakes
  • Be respectful
  • Focus on “best practice” guidance
  • Support “facts” with appropriate sources
  • Support recommendations with case study examples
  • Provide context for your comments
  • Separately reference or flag personal believes/opinions from data/facts
  • Differentiate personal opinion from the “official positions” of your employer
  • Use good taste and common sense—no inflammatory or objectionable material
  • Do not violate agency or client confidentiality---obtain written approval prior discussing potentially confidential information
  • Be interesting
  • Quality matters---add value
  • Only write about what you know
  • Respect the rights and intellectual property of others
  • Use appropriate disclaimers
  • Strive for dialog rather than domination of any discourse
  • Keep it short and to the point

Logistics for posting comments on include:

  • The blog will be moderated by AAAA; all posts and comments will be reviewed by AAAA prior to being displayed
  • Members must log into the AAAA site to read and/or post
  • All posts must identify the author and their agency
  • All posts must be dated
  • Consultants and non-member experts will be “invitation only” participants
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My Notebook

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