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Two Follow-Up Items: SAG-AFTRA 2013 Commercials Contracts 

1) Made Fors - Live Events: as outlined in the JPC Summary dated April 9, 2013, the new provision with respect to “Made Fors” in regard to Live Events,
Man-on-the-Street and Hidden Camera commercials requires signatories
to notify SAG-AFTRA that they have produced commercial(s) under this
provision and provide SAG-AFTRA with an electronic or physical copy of the
commercial(s) within 60 days of the first exhibition of the commercial(s).

The union has informed us that such notice and materials should be sent to:

Ms. Lori Hunt
Director, Commercials & Corporate/Educational & Non-Broadcast Contracts
360 Madison Avenue 12th Floor
New York, NY 10017

2) FYI: Notice to Renegotiate at End of MPU: The new Contract provides that performers/performer agents send copies of the notices to renegotiate to the Union electronically, and for the Union to provide a copy of the notice to Producer upon request in the event of a dispute. (As a reminder, whether or not such notices were sent by the performer or performer’s agent to the Union will  not be deemed conclusive evidence of whether the notice was sent in compliance with the Contract.)

The union has sent notice out to the agents in the union’s database that
renegotiation letters should be sent electronically to: 

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