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4A's Opposes Changes in Internet Domain Purchase Program 

4A's President and CEO Nancy Hill today joined other marketing and advertising groups in strongly opposing proposed changes in the sale and assignment of Internet domain names.

Hill was reacting to a letter to advertisers from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which discounted marketers' concerns about the Corporation's proposal to substantially change the way Internet domain names can be assigned.

The new ICANN rules, if adopted, would allow applicants to claim virtually any word, generic or branded as a domain name, resulting in confusion of brand identity and dilution of brand history and value.

Nancy Hill issued this statement:

"We are very disappointed in the position taken by ICANN concerning the
assignment and sale of new domain names. These changes would cost brand owners billions of dollars, severely, if not irreparably, diluting the value of trusted and respected brand names, as well as abrogate the good work 4A's members have done on behalf of their clients.

All marketers share the goal of a stable global marketplace, served by an Internet system that consumers can rely on to accurately reflect the quality and history of a product or service. ICANN's actions would remove that trust and place consumers at a significant disadvantage in making marketplace choices and decisions.

We join with advertisers, manufacturers, media and consumer groups in strongly urging ICANN to reconsider this ill-advised and harmful proposal."

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