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  • 4A's President-CEO Nancy Hill on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Advertising

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  • Media Rating Council Issues Final Social Media Measurement Guidelines

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  • 4A's CreateTech 2015

  • Highlights From Day 1

    A Recap of Four Things You Missed

    Read now on the CreateTech microsite

  • Highlights From Day 2

    A Recap of Four Things You Missed

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  • With Predictive Marketing, Focus On The In-Store Action

    GeoMarketing Recaps Dstillery's Claudia Perlich at CreateTech

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  • POV: Designing a Mobile Ad Campaign

    November 25, 2015

    Mobile operating systems and hardware continue to improve each year, further stabilizing an already-powerful ecosystem. However, certain updates have posed a challenge to advertisers. This POV discusses a few of them.

    POV: Approaching the Shift to Mobile—Search

    October 27, 2015

    After years of talking about how mobile adoption is on the rise, we've finally reached the tipping point. This POV explores the implications on search.

    Joel Idelson Joins Connelly Partners as CMO

    November 25, 2015

    Connelly Partners announces Joel Idelson has been named Chief Marketing Officer.

    CreateTech to Explore the Best in Technology, Design and Innovation in the Advertising Industry

    October 20, 2015

    The 4A's will host its fifth annual CreateTech conference from Nov. 11-12 in New York City.
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    Glass Ladder Series

    The 4A's is proud to introduce the new Glass Ladder Series, providing essential training for the next generation of female leaders. Several webinars and seminars are planned, from now through February.

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    Dec 2

    Pursuing and Converting a Hot Lead

    Webinar: Join Brent Hodgins, Mirren Business Development, for a 90-minute webinar in which he reveals the latest best practices for converting shorter-term opportunities.

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    Dec 3

    2015 Digital Trends Roundup and the Forecast for 2016: Innovation Evolutions

    Webinar: Join Nick New, Managing Director of The Knowledge Engineers, will help make sure you are current with the big technology disruptions of 2015 and the continuing innovations coming in 2016.

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    Dec 4

    Strategy Series: Making Brands in the Connected Age - How Planners Can Go Beyond Ads

    Webinar: Join Jaime Klein Daley, Group Planning Lead, R/GA who will focus on the new skills required of brand planners in the connected age.

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    Dec 8

    Gartner Group Perspective: What's Going on with Marketing Analytics?

    Webinar: During 2015, Gartner embarked on a four-month research project to understand the forces of change roiling marketing and media analytics. The results was the firm’s first-ever Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics, released to clients in September and made available to 4A’s members for this special webinar.

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