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4A's Client Audit Guidance

October 10, 2014

"4A's Client Audit Guidance" recommends that agencies and advertisers collaborative to design effective efficient controls and verification procedures related to significant marketing expenditures.

The Gate | New York Needs More Elbow Room. Moves South (11 Blocks)

October 21, 2014

After 7 years in the Flatiron District, advertising agency The Gate|New York outgrew its space as it doubled in size.

OgilvyOne Named Grand Prix Winner of 4A’s Jay Chiat Awards 2014

October 07, 2014

The winners of the 18th annual 4A’s Jay Chiat Awards for Strategic Excellence were announced at the fourth annual 4A’s Strategy Festival, which kicked off in Chicago on October 5
Oct 23

Selling Creative Work to Clients and Prospects

NY Seminar: Join Chris Schnurman, Vice President at Filament Inc., a pitch consultancy and training firm, for this workshop that will help creative staff sell their ideas in a language that clients and prospects can understand.

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Nov 12-13

4A's CreateTech 2014

Boston: Register for this year's CreateTech conference, themed The Internet of Things in a Connected World, which will feature practical workshops and presentations from, and for, agency tech leaders. Keynotes include Kati London, Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research, and named one of the "Top 100 Most Creative People in Business" by Fast Company in 2011.

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Nov 18

Building a Brand Millennials Will Love

Webinar: Join Robin Hafitz and Allison O'Keefe Wright of Open Mind Strategy, who will share their research-grounded insights about the millennial generation and how to capitalize on them inside your agency.

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Nov 18

Pitch Strategy for the Team: Proven Strategies to Increase Your New Business Win Rate

Chicago: Join Brent Hodgins of Mirren Business Development as he reveals new best practices that address each stage of the competitive review process. You are in pitches to win. This workshop is about winning business.

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Special Highlights

The 4A's is pleased to support Free Speech Week, October 20-26th. This annual, non-partisan event celebrates the fundamental right of expression and the value of free speech. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter @FreeSpeechWeek.

The 4A's is a proud sponsor of The 3% Conference in SF on Nov. 3-4, a movement dedicated to more female creative leadership in advertising. Over 50 speakers, including Cindy Gallop, John Gerzema, Nancy Vonk, Rebecca Van Dyck are coming to shape change.

On October 14, 2014, the 4A's conducted "How to Get the Most Out of the 4A's," a webinar discussing the range of services available to 4A's Members. View the archive video now.

More than 100 of the agency's young leaders united on June 4 for a ReSolve think tank to solve the hunger cycle in NYC. Read the recap from Adweek for the latest info.

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