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Using MyNotebook 

On Web sites that offer a diverse array of content, such as the 4A's site, you may often find yourself without the time to read through every piece of insight in a Member Bulletin, or not able to purchase a book in our Bookstore until receiving approval from the Accounting office.

Article Example

Instead of coming back later and attempting to remember where you found that interesting revelation, logged-in users of the 4A's Web site can save their favorite articles and other content to MyNotebook, a customized service that will do the remembering for you!

Just click on "Save to Notebook" when on a page you would like to come back to later...

Add to MyNotebook

...and just like that, it's now saved to your Notebook.

MyNotebook (Collapsed)

To view all saved content, click the arrow to expand the selection...

My Notebook (Expanded View)

...and click the link to return to where you were!  It's that easy!

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Adweek Project Isaac
Adweek Project Isaac
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My Notebook

My Notebook

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