Draftfcb Crafts 13 Commandments of Recovery Marketing

Rather Than React To Recession, Own Recovery

draftfcbWith so much time and press coverage over the past year devoted to marketing during a recession, two thought leaders at Draftfcb, one of the world’s leading marketing communications agencies serving more than 100 global Fortune 500 companies, have taken a different tack by looking forward and crafting The 13 Commandments That Matter For Recovery.

“The punditry, prognostication and general malaise that this bad-news-Bear economy has brought with it has led many to focus on the past and cling to tired, panic-stricken, reactive marketing that does little to actually solve the problems that brands-and their consumers-are currently facing,” said Jamie Shuttleworth, EVP, Chief Strategic Planning Director at Draftfcb Chicago.

That’s why Recovery Marketing is now seen as a big opportunity at Draftfcb.

“With massive change comes the flipside—massive opportunity—the opportunity to look forward, think proactively and find ways to take advantage of current circumstances for our clients and brands,” said Michael Fassnacht, Worldwide Chief Strategy Officer at Draftfcb. “After seeking input from clients, bloggers, consumers and our own network, we crafted 13 Commandments for brands that are tired of simply reacting to the recession and are ready to proactively plan and own recovery.”

According to co-authors Shuttleworth and Fassnacht, the opportunity to put creative thinking to work, build value and drive business is there for everyone. They encourage all marketers to keep Draftfcb’s 13 commandments in mind as they go for it.

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