2020 Employee Compensation Study

Includes Salary Data for all Agency Sizes & Geographies via our New and Exciting Digital Dashboard Platform

The 2020 Employee Compensation final report, showing salaries as of July, 2020, has just been published. The study includes salaries from agencies of all sizes and reflects responses from 363 member agency offices with over 30,000 salaries, 235 job titles in 19 job categories.

The report is in three sections with the data broken down (1) by size of agency by number of employees and (2) by geographic location. Section 3 includes, for reference, the list of standardized job titles in the study, other possible job titles that agencies may use for the same position, and the job descriptions.

This year the 4As is excited to announce that the 2020 Employee Compensation Study is available again as an online secured PDF report. In addition, the 4As will make available in a few weeks the 2020 Employee Compensation Study in a digital dashboard version via Power BI that was showcased at our November 20th committee meeting.

Please note that this study is confidential and for the private use of member agencies only. It should not be shared with third parties.

The final PDF report was sent at no charge to all members who participated in the survey. An email will follow to notify participating members when the digital dashboard is available.

To get the report

The final PDF report has been distributed to participating members via Locklizard as of Friday November 20th for added protection of the report and information.

If your agency did not participate in the study and you would like to order a copy of the online PDF report the cost is $500. If you would like access to the Power BI digital dashboard report, the cost for both the PDF report as well as the digital dashboard report will be $750.

Once the purchase has been completed the purchaser will receive an email listing their credentials to access the online report.

Please complete the below order form and email to: [email protected]


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