4A’s Board names new Chair, Vice Chair, and six members

The 4A’s is proud to announce our new Chair and co-Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, as well as six directors.

Two sitting directors at large on the 4A’s board are taking on new roles.

    Barry Wacksman    Abbey Klaassen     Sharon Napier


Barry Wacksman, Vice Chairman, Global Chief Strategy Officer, at R/GA has been named the new board chair, a post previously held by Greg Stern, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman at BSSP who remains on the board as past Chair.

Abbey Klaassen, President, 360i New York, joins as Co-Vice Chair, alongside newly re-elected Vice Chair Sharon Napier, Chair & Founder of Partners + Napier.

Devika Bulchandani     Chris Foster    Jason Gaikowski     Sarah Watson


The newly appointed board members include four directors at large: Devika Bulchandani, President, McCann North America; Chris Foster, President, North America, BCW; Jason Gaikowski, Executive Director, Customer Experience Global Lead, Human Centered Design, VMLY&R; and Sarah Watson, Global Chief Strategy Officer and Chairman, BBH New York.

        Jeff King     Angela Steele


Also joining the board: Jeff King, CEO, Barkley, as Central Region Director; and Angela Steele, CEO, Carat U.S., as Eastern Region Director.

Together, the eight new roles reflect the association’s commitment to representing a diverse range of backgrounds and views to most optimally serve the interests of the agencies in the marketing industry.

The 4A’s Board of Directors is composed of C-suite leaders from member agencies of all sizes and disciplines, who are nominated by the advisory council and approved by the full voting membership. The board formally meets three times per year. Officers and members of committees and task forces also meet three to four times per year.

“I am honored to take on the role of Chair at what is undoubtedly one of the most tumultuous moments in the 4A’s and our industry’s history,” Wacksman said. “None of us has a crystal ball that can reveal the future, but one thing we all know to be true is that the next two years will not resemble much of the past 10, 20, or 100. I look forward to working with Marla, her incredible team, and our most luminous board in helping chart a course that will enable the 4A’s and the industry it supports to thrive amid the chaos.”

Marla Kaplowitz
Marla Kaplowitz

“A strong industry association has never been more important as agencies navigate the challenges ahead,” Klaassen said. “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Barry, Sharon, and the rest of the board in advocating for the critical impact agencies drive for brands and businesses.”

“The pandemic is shining a bright light on the critical role the 4A’s plays in helping agencies of all kinds find their path forward, especially in uncertain times,” said Napier. “I look forward to building on this momentum with our new board members and championing the 4A’s mission, now more than ever.”

Marla Kaplowitz, President & CEO, 4A’s, says, “I’m thrilled to partner more closely with Barry, Abbey, and Sharon, and to welcome an impressive new group of industry leaders. The 4A’s embraces a membership evenly split between holding company and independent agencies. While there are many common areas of needs and support, we recognize an opportunity to ensure leaders in the Vice Chair roles represent both constituents to better ensure their voices are heard and needs are met.”