4A’s Promise

Our promise and passion is to help promote, advance and defend the craft of marketing and advertising for our member agencies. We are truly vested in your business growth and success.

Our responsibilities as your national association compel us to be vigilant in understanding the current and evolving trends affecting your business and to be future-forward thought leaders in charting the impact of the dynamic marketplace changes we observe as a result of our stewardship. We focus, with you, at moving the industry forward.

The inspired creativity at the heart of all dimensions of your business inspires us, and we firmly believe that commerce thrives and culture evolves when ignited by the remarkable marketing innovations our member agencies create.

Further we deem ourselves responsible and accountable for:

  • Advancing diverse representation and inclusion in your business, by providing consultancy and tools, ensuring that a diverse workforce is reflected in your ranks at all levels.
  • Creating cross-discipline multilevel training opportunities to keep employees and managers ahead of the learning curve and instructed by world-class experts using new and proven programs.
  • Establishing forums for peer-to-peer learning and discipline best-practices exchange.
  • Providing a consultative resource with accomplished practice leads in Agency Management, Media & Data, Digital, Research, Planning, Creative, Technology, Talent Engagement, and Diversity & Inclusion, ensuring that members are aware of industry best practices to remain competitive.
  • Maintaining a well-connected Government Relations practice to ensure the industry voice is heard on issues relevant to both agencies and marketers; when necessary, we will foster collaboration with fellow trade organizations to advance our positions and interest.

Finally, we pledge to stand with our members to promote and validate both the value of marketing and advertising agencies and the innovative business-building creative solutions they generate. We are your champions.