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January, 2014 4A's System Upgrades 

The 4A's recently completed the first of several planned technology upgrades to help us better align our resources and provide a higher quality of service to our members.

This particular upgrade focused primarily on our membership database, but has several benefits for our website as well. You may notice some changes in certain areas of the site as you interact with us:

  • The areas of the site used to create and manage your login account, including "Manage My Profile" and related services, have been rebuilt on newer technology;
  • Event pages and registration have been streamlined, with improved support for all web browsers;
  • Several small, but long awaited, fixes to the 4A's Bookstore have been made;
  • The areas above (which perform account-related tasks and purchases) will open in new windows.

Most significantly, the upgrade has established a new and improved foundation for a wave of additional improvements we'll be making in the future. We look forward to taking even bigger strides toward an improved web experience for our members.

If you logged into our web site prior to the morning of 1/18, please log out, and back in again, in order to ensure that all enhancements load correctly in your web browser.

If you have any questions about the changes to our site or encounter any unexpected problems, please contact us or 212-682-2500.

For more information about logging into the web site, see About Login Accounts.


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4A's Transformation
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