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About 4A's Login Accounts 

The Basics

Every visitor is invited to create a login account for the 4A's website. Creating an account allows you to save certain preferences and articles, sign up for 4A's email alerts, enroll in events and webinars, and purchase reports or other publications. 

Creating a login account is not the same as becoming a member of the 4A's. Membership applies to organizations (we are an association for ad agencies) that have applied, been elected, and which pay annual dues to the 4A's. However, you can create an account for yourself regardless of whether your organization is a member.


Sharing Accounts

To prevent technical issues and confusion in communication, login accounts should not be shared or transferred between individuals. 

  • If you need to enroll one or more people within your organization for an event, or make purchases on their behalf, our system will allow you to do so without sharing their login information.
  • If you are assuming someone else's responsibilities within your organization, you should create an account of your own. If you believe that your predecessor had a unique type of account with special privileges, you can always confirm this with our technical team at


Differences Between Non-member and Member Accounts

- Non-member accounts have basic access to our site, but not necessarily all of its features.

- Member accounts are associated with organizations that pay annual dues to the 4A's, or certain accredited educational institutions with which we have partnered. Such accounts have full access to all of the features on our site, including:

  • 4A's research materials, and external research databases
  • Management reports and other proprietary data  
  • Discounts on events and publications


How We Determine the Membership Status of a Specific Account

Your login account is based on your email address. If your email address is based on a domain name of a 4A's member, you will automatically receive full access to our site. 

For example, if your email address is and Acme ( is a 4A's member, using the address for your login account will ensure that you receive full member privileges. Likewise, accounts based on Yahoo and Gmail email addresses would not receive full access.

If you represent an agency interested in becoming a 4A's member, please see Join Us.


Additional Account Privileges

Login accounts associated with agency employees who perform unique functions in their relationship with the 4A's can also be granted additional access to certain capabilities, as needed, once we've verified their role.

These special capabilities include the ability to:

  • Manage your agency’s staff roster
  • Update member information – such as reporting your agency’s annual dues
  • Administer your organization’s profile in Agency Search

If you believe you should have access to these capabilities, please let us know your role in your organization. You can contact us at


Additional Help

  • To unsubscribe to 4A's emails, please contact If possible, please reference the specific emails you would like to stop receiving, so that we can most effectively address your request.
  • To change the name or email account associated with your 4A's login account (i.e., if your name changes as a result of marriage, or you switch employers and have a new email address), please contact Note that the organization associated with your email address is what determines your membership status, so a change in address may affect your level of access to our site.


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