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Performer Union Matters 

The 4A's-ANA Joint Policy Committee (JPC) facilitates an effective marketing industry working relationship with the commercial performer unions. The commercial agreements with those unions represent an annual $1+ billion marketing investment and are the largest collective bargaining agreements in the entertainment industry as well as being among the largest union agreements of any kind in the US. The JPC stewards agreements covering the employment terms of more than 130,000 actors and musicians.

JPC/SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contracts

After over seven weeks of intense negotiations in 2013, the JPC and SAG-AFTRA successfully concluded negotiations for new three-year collective bargaining contracts covering the employment of union performers in commercials across all media platforms –TV, cable, radio and digital. The new contracts reflect substantive gains for the industry and include several "historic firsts."

Of most significance is the elimination of union fees for certain types of commercials made for the Internet and/or made for new media including video shot at live events, user-generated video content submitted as part of contests (with the exception of the chosen winners), and "real people" captured in man-on-the-street commercials.

Multi-brand retailers (like Target and Kmart) gained significant advantage with new editing provisions that allow for much more creativity, flexibility and cost-savings in retailer ad campaigns. And, dealer and franchise advertisers can now reduce talent costs with the ability to pay for much shorter use cycles than previously required.

A new statute of limitations on certain claims will ease long-running legal hassles that have plagued advertisers and agencies for years.

Technological gain for the industry is in the new requirement that all ads featuring SAG-AFTRA talent must now be registered with Ad-ID, the advertising industry standard unique identifier for all commercial assets, providing something similar to the UPC code for packaged goods, to ensure accurate tracking and talent payment.

Post negotiation, as part of its ongoing industry education efforts, the JPC conducted multiple seminars/webinars across the country providing guidance on interpretation and execution of the new provisions in the contracts. And, as always, the JPC continues to issue bulletins and whitepapers providing on-going guidance as to contract interpretation as well as representing the industry at Industry Union Standing and Joint Commercials Review Committee sessions.

Clearinghouse Initiative
The JPC and SAG-AFTRA engaged the consulting firm PWC to develop a protocol and mechanism that would allow for consistent and trackable identification and coordination of all assets across the talent payment eco-system: commercial, program and media outlet identifiers as well as methodologies for verifying consistent application. This ground-breaking project, called the Clearinghouse Initiative, will facilitate the industry's on-going effort to modernize the current commercial talent payment system into a ROI driven GRP based system, leading to a significantly more efficient and accurate talent payment system for the future.

American Federation of Musicians (AFofM) Commercials Contract Negotiations In 2013, the JPC and the AFofM successfully negotiated an extension of the AFofM Commercials Contract until mid- Feb 2014. The JPC has begun its negotiation strategy prep for the upcoming bargaining sessions expected to take place in early 2014.

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