4A’s Releases 2019 New Business Activity and Resources Survey Report |

The 4A’s 2019 New Business Activity and Resources Survey Report provides members with relevant new business-related benchmarks and information, in aggregate and broken down into four categories by agency size as defined by number of employees.  The information is also broken down by Retainer/Ongoing Relationship (AOR) Reviews vs. Project-Based Reviews.  The reported data reflects 2018 […]

Agency Search Consultants List

The 4A’s is pleased to provide its list of Agency Search Consultants. This list is updated on a regular basis.

Reform Your Language, Transform Your Firm |

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Tim Williams of Ignition Consulting group offers advice on how a change in vocabulary can lead to the development of more collaborative partnerships.

Webinar: The Top Ten Things I’ve Learned In Thirty Years Of New Business Fun |

This presentation was delivered to the 4A’s Southern Region New Business Committee on June 4, 2019 by Diane Fannon of The Richards Group.

Webinar: Stop Negotiating – it doesn’t work |

This presentation, originally delivered to the 4A’s National Large & SAMS New Business Committee on July 31, 2019, by Brett Colbert of Colbert Group Consulting, was re-recorded by Brett Colbert on August 22, 2019.

Kick-start Your Online Leads |

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Social proof, public speaking, and calls-to-action are three of the 7 Helps for Consistent Online Leads for Ad Agency New Business offered by Michael Gass of Fuel Lines.

R3 New Business League Global and US- June, 2019 |

The excel document, available only to 4A’s Members, includes detail related to identified wins, including the incumbent agency and the new successful agency.

Published: June 2019

Fuel Lines |

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View Fuel Lines, a blog by Michael Gass, for ideas on the use of social media, content, and inbound marketing strategies to fuel agency new business.

The Post-Pitch Follow Up |

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Peter Levitan explains why once you’re connected, you should stay in touch and follow up with your future client.

Streamlined Strategy for New Business |

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With “tidying up” Marie Kondo style all the rage, learn how to apply these same principles to your new business strategy with advice from Tim Williams of Ignition Consulting Group.

Webinar: Perspectives on New Business and Client Relationships |

This presentation was delivered to the 4A’s Central Region New Business Committee on June 13, 2019 by Deb Giampoli of Stone Soup Consultants.

CMO Average Tenure Decreases to 43 Months

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Spencer Stuart’s annual CMO Tenure Study finds that the average tenure for chief marketing officers is decreasing.