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Intellectual Property 101 

Rick Kurnit, Partner, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, presents on intellectual property laws, rules and case examples, and discusses the difference between protection under the law and contractual protection.

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Topic Approx. Time
Intellectual Property and Advertising Services 0:51
Why you need a new agency and client contract 1:26
What does the law protect? 4:57
     Patents 5:48
     Trademark 9:36
     Copyright 12:57
     Work for Hire 17:55
Transfers and Assignment 19:39
Public Domain 26:27
Derivative Works and Parity 36:18
Contracts 46:57
Concepts 51:10
Strategy 53:40
Ideas 56:52
Ownership 58:54
Indemnification 59:32
End of Kurnit Presentation 1:10:50
Kurnit Questions and Answers Session 1:10:51–1:21:35
1. Can you discuss IP ownership and usage dynamics associated with consumer generated content? 1:10:55
2. What ownership and use challenges result from a client using multiple agencies? 1:13:38
3. Can you discuss agency responsibility and/or indemnification liability related to private, personal consumer information? 1:15:53
4. What role does or can any agency advertising liability (or errors or omissions) insurance policy play in protecting an agency from indemnification claims? 1:18:27
End of Kurnit Q&A 1:21:35
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