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Achieving Your Goals 

Ron Urbach, Partner, Davis & Gilbert LLP, discusses how to conduct client discussions related to ideas, ownership and use of work product plus offers tips on negotiating appropriate ownership and compensation agreements.

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Topic Approx. Time
The Industry Today 0:39
Steps to Control Your IP and Compensation 3:14
Case Examples 6:38
New Business RFP 6:38
      NDA Terms 8:06
      Presentation Materials 13:24
Agency Contract 15:05
      Pre-Existing IP 16:00
      Third-Party Rights 22:06
      Payment and Ownership 29:57
      Territory, Time and Media 34:05
      Non-Advertising Materials and Use 40:39
4A's Compensation Dialogue Process 44:20
Incorporate Value in Compensation Discussions 47:29
End of Urbach Presentation 49:25
Urbach Questions and Answers Session 49:27–1:02:26
1. Is agency ownership and IP discussion merely a ploy by agencies to get more money from clients? 49:29
2. How can usage rights and usage economics be structured when there are multiple agencies working on a client's business? 51:10
3. Can you elaborate on examples of pre-existing agency IP? 53:54
4. What are the Intellectual Property implications of user-generated content and digital new media? 56:25
5. Are there contract forms that agencies are using with suppliers that need to be updated to reflect agency rights and usage assignment provisions? 58:10
6. You have mentioned "Baby Bob" and "Sock Puppet" as examples of agency owned creative elements; can you elaborate on these examples? 1:00:30
End of Urbach Q&A 1:02:26
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