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Chief Executive Officer 

Agency Function
5, Chief Officer/Executive

Level of Experience
2, Executive


To conduct the affairs and activities of the corporation in such a manner as to assure continuing growth and profitability with fair and harmonious relationships within the corporate organization.


The CEO reports to the Board of Directors.  Reporting to the CEO are:

  • Executive Vice President
  • Manager, New Business
  • Chairman Operating Committee
  • Management Supervisors
  • Manager, Public Relations
  • Senior Vice President, Creative Department
  • Manager, Marketing Services
  • Manager, Yellow Pages
  • Office Manager
  • Executive Secretary



  • Develops long-range plans for agency and public relations division.
  • Conducts annual shareholder meeting.
  • Serves as Chairman of Management Committee.
  • Conducts day-to-day activities of the corporation.
  • Serves as member of the Operating Committee.
  • Approves the employment of key personnel.
  • Counsels with employees regarding business and personal problems.
  • Maintains active participation in AAAA, AMA, and other association activities.
  • Meets with outside consultants, as required.
  • Involves himself/herself in client management contact.
  • Assists in new business development.
  • Reviews all monthly activity reports.
  • Submits accurate time reports on the 15th and last days of each month.
  • Submits his/her expense account at least monthly, with receipts for all expenditures exceeding $10.00.
  • Demonstrates responsibility and maturity in the agency by observing normal working hours, keeping his/her secretary advised of his/her whereabouts while out of the office, and being conservative in the use of agency funds and resources.


Standards Of Performance

  • Satisfactory performance has been achieved by the CEO when, in the opinion of the Board of Directors:
  • The Corporation shows continuing growth and profitability, and relationships within the corporate organization are harmonious.

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