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Director of Operations 

Agency Function
5, Chief Officer/Executive

Level of Experience
2, Executive


• Management and planning responsibilities for the following areas of company operations

 - Production-Traffic Department
 - Word-Processing Center
 - Group Assistants
 - Mail and Duplicating Centers
 - Telecommunications
 - Building Services
 - Travel and Records Retention
 - Production Payment

This includes appointment and supervision of each area’s manager and approval of each area’s annual salary and operating budget.\

• Preparation and management of the annual corporate Capital Expense Budget.
• Planning and supervision of office construction, renovations and assignments.
• Management of purchasing from vendors employed through Production and New York General.
• Management responsibility for EEO compliance and corporate Affirmative Action Plans for the company departments covered above.
• Represents the departments listed above at the semi-annual New York Office Administrative Committee meetings.
• Works on all New York real estate rental activities in conjunction with VP Legal Counsel.


• Length and type of experience normally required: Minimum of five years experience as a manager with personnel and budget responsibilities.
• Education normally required: At least some undergraduate business courses.
• Personality traits and other standard requirements: Well organized. Good communication abilities. Able to delegate responsibilities to others. Comfortable with numbers and what they represent.

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