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Senior Vice President of Marketing 

Agency Function
11, Marketing

Level of Experience
2, Executive


The Senior Vice President of Marketing functions as the Agency’s principal consultant in developing advertising and marketing strategies and acts as the management representative of the Research Department.  This position reports to the President of the Agency.


Marketing Planning

• Consults with Agency Management, Account Service and Creative Personnel in the formulation of plans and strategies relating to advertising and marketing matters.  Serves as a sounding board in generating, evaluating and refining advertising and marketing ideas.
• Initiates and supervises special projects leading to the development of advertising and marketing positions or recommendations for the Agency and Clients.  Assigns and supervises the collection and analysis of data required for completing these projects.
• As required, coordinates the activities of agency departments in completing particular projects and ensures their completion on schedule.
• Makes presentations of plans and recommendations to Agency and Client management.

Marketing Research

• As management representative of the Research Department, acts as the liaison between the Department and Agency management.
• Initiates and approves Research Department policy, procedures and organization.
• Assigns to research personnel the collection and analysis of information required for special projects.
• Keeps the Agency updated on marketing research state-of-the-art.

New Business

• As an active member of the Agency’s new business committee, participates in developing new business opportunities and presentations.
• Determines the marketing information required for developing effective new business presentations and supervises the collection and organization of this material.
• Participates in new business presentations as appropriate.

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