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Director of Strategic Planning 

Agency Function
1, Account Planning

Level of Experience
3, Manager

Job Summary

Lead the integrated insights and strategic planning group in a way consistent with the agency’s goal of bringing a strong analytical foundation to uncover:

  • fresh and innovative insights/business opportunities
  • inspiring creative ideas.

Partner with creative and account management peers to develop disruptive ideas at all points of customer contact.

Orchestrate all brand planning, strategic planning and analytical activity for all accounts within the agency. Ensure all deliverables required from the group, internally and externally, are met in an efficient and timely manner. Identify opportunities to constantly improve the quality of thinking applied to client business.

Actively support new business activity where required.

Collaborate with senior clients and give them deeper insights into the dynamics of their business through the development of disciplined and thorough sales, marketing, and consumer analyses.

Continue to develop and implement standardized strategic planning tools to foster consistency over time and across projects. Complete this within the agency’s planning process but enhance the process through specific planning tools as well as syndicated or proprietary databases that enhance the level of thinking and insight injected into the entire process.

Oversee and complete all administrative responsibilities required for department heads by the agency.

Major Responsibilities

  • Lead an integrated group of market insights and brand planners in the delivery of all requirements to support the growth and development of all client business.
  • Ensure strong collaborative relationship within the groups and externally with key agency and client partners to consistently elevate the quality of thinking and ideas applied to the client business.
  • Actively grow the abilities and skill of the department members through formal training programs, mentor ship and hands on learning.
  • Provide a department environment that fosters personal and professional growth for department members to encourage loyalty, openness of opinion and constant curiosity.
  • Ensure all policy and legal requirements for the agency as they relate to the group are completed in a timely and efficient manner.


Proven leadership abilities.

Minimum of 10+ year’s experience in planning, strategic planning and related communications experience.

Marketing background and strong analytical capabilities a must.

Ability to think creatively and evidence of success in developing brands and delivering them to market.

Reporting to the Position

May include other duties as assigned.

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