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4A's Account Management Impact Award 

4A's Account Management Impact Award

It’s about having a vision.
It’s about creating solutions.
It’s about inspiring great ideas from every corner...

In today's continuously transforming marketing environment, it is critical that agencies provide this kind of leadership for their clients. Recognition of that leadership is equally important.

Great account management requires a deep understanding of client challenges. Yet true game-changing contributions come from those who demonstrate an ability to see into the future to imagine what the brand and, more important, what the business can become.

The Account Management Impact Award celebrates the accomplishments of an emerging Account Management leader whose inspired business-building idea has had a transformational impact on a client or agency’s business.

Is there someone in your agency who demonstrates those leadership qualities? If so, tell us about it.

Who Is Eligible

Account Management professionals with 10–15 years of experience who have demonstrated an ability to create valuable business-building ideas for clients and champion them into actuality. Candidates will be evaluated based on leadership, creativity, persistence and impact.


The winner of the Account Management Impact Award will receive an all expenses paid trip to the 4A’s 2010 Leadership and Media Conference, Transformation 2010, as well as on-stage recognition at the event.

How to Enter

CEOs/Client Service Directors/HR Directors from 4A’s member agencies may nominate candidates by by filling out the nomination form and answering these questions:

  1. What was the business situation?
  2. Describe the resulting business-building idea.
  3. In what way was this idea transformational or different from past approaches?
  4. In what measurable way did the idea address the strategic challenge, and move the business forward?
  5. What specific steps did your nominee take to lead the agency toward the solution, and to bring great work to market?

Adobe  Download the Nomination Form

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My Notebook

4A's Transformation
March 22-25 | Conference
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