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Ad Effectiveness + Metrics 

Sections on Emotional vs. Rational Appeals, Impact of Frequency on Effectiveness, and Value of Advertising are available.


Independent Study Confirms that Decreased TV Advertising Spend Hurts Sales

The impact of decreasing TV ad spend is quite high, according to a study from TiVo Research, 84.51°, A+E Networks, and Turner. The study explores how changes in TV spending impacts advertising effectiveness, especially return for campaigns, reach, frequency, and sales/ROI.

Value of a Digital Ad: How Validated Reach and Frequency Metrics Can Drive Campaign ROI

With this report, comScore illustrates how the fundamental principals of reach and frequency, along with clean impressions, can give you a more accurate view of ad effectiveness and return-on-investment.

Putting Science Behind the Standards

This study from IPG Media Lab, Integral Ad Science, and Cadreon serves as a guide on how to make ads more effective given viewability standards. Key takeaways include:

  • Viewability is strongly related to ad effectiveness. As viewability increases, so does consumer attention and recall.
  • Ads that exceed the MRC standard have 16%+ recall as opposed to ads that meet the standard, which have 2% recall.
  • Ad exposure time influences ad effectiveness more than % in view.
  • Viewability, while important, is not the be-all and end-all.

How Advertising Works, Today

ARF's comprehensive research presents the C-Suite and advertisers with evidence and a roadmap on how to use traditional and new media cross-platform ads to drive growth and profits.

The CMO Survey

Duke's semi-annual survey of top marketers tracks marketing analytics, marketing spending plans, the challenges of social media, marketing organization, average marketer tenure, and more.

The New Normal: Performance Advertising Drives Effectiveness

According to Forrester, marketers who use advanced retargeting programs find their campaigns are more effective. Key findings in this report include:

  • Performance advertising is the new normal
  • Better ROI and market pressures are driving performance advertising adoption
  • Marketers who don't adopt advanced personalization capabilities are in danger of being left behind
  • Performance advertising is a competitive differentiator today.

The Consumer Engagement Engine: How Consumers Engage with Brands and How Engagement Impacts Value

Medill's Spiegel Research Center at Northwestern University developed an alternative path-to-purchase framework named the Consumer Engagement Engine. The framework consists of five interlocking components that represent the always-on state of engagement:

  • Brand actions
  • Customer motivations
  • Purchase behaviors
  • Brand consumption
  • Brand dialogue behaviors.

The last stage is the most important for marketers because this is where they can interact with consumers and have the greatest impact on future engagement and brand loyalty.

Display Benchmarks

This interactive tool from Google helps agencies evaluate the performance of online advertising campaigns relative to industry norms. Data is updated on a monthly basis and can be filtered by country, industry vertical, ad size, and ad format.

The 2014 Benchmarks Data Book

Sizmek Research analyzed more than 25 unique formats, more than 3,570 unique unit size combinations, 2.14 million+ individual ads, and 865 billion impressions. The ads ran in 22 individual verticals in 47 countries. Metrics include CTR, interaction rate, impressions with any interaction, and average dwell time.

Data as Competitive Advantage

The Winterberry Group and the IAB surveyed marketers, publishers, and others to find out how they leverage data to drive competitive advantage for their businesses. First- and third-party data, programmatic buying, measurement, and more are discussed.

Betting on Big Data

Data and analytics initiatives are becoming more important and are beginning to show their worth. Forbes Insights surveys CEOs in a variety of industries to find out what kinds of data are being used, the top opportunities and challenges that arise when using Big Data, levels of investment, the importance of open dialogue between involved departments, and much more.

Inside Google Marketing: Banner Ads Can be Creative and Effective

Think with Google shares insights on how smart creative strategies can result in improved banner ad success rates.

Building Trusted Relationships Through Analytics and Experience

EY and Forbes Insights survey CMOs from a range of industries to explore how companies and marketers can:

  • use analytics to better understand consumers
  • build long-term, trusted relationships with consumers
  • leverage customer data so it helps customers and doesn't seem intrusive
  • inject analytics into strategic planning to let the customer know companies are there for them throughout their journey.

The Emotional Impact of Sound vs. Visuals in Advertising

Ipsos studies the emotional engagement impact of ad sound vs. visuals as individual elements, using measurements from wearable biometrics and facial coding. Examples of ads that engage audiences using only visuals, only sound, and a combination of both are included.

Staffing Your Marketing Measurement Team: Why You Need Data Storytellers

Think with Google explains why it is important for marketers to have analysts who can use data to tell a meaningful story.

The Truth About Digital Body Language

Demand Metric and ion interactive teamed up to determine how well B2B marketers are using Digital Body Language to find prospects. They describe Digital Body Language as aggregate data from website visits, email opens, click-throughs, downloads, webinar registrations, and any other existing form of digital interaction.

Digital Advertising Benchmark Report: Measuring the Impact of Branding and Performance Campaigns

Key metrics for standard banners, rich-media display banners, video banners, and mobile banners can be found in this Adform report. Metrics by industry vertical and country are included.

IAB Mixx Awards 2015 Insight Report

This report from the IAB offers insights from digital leaders on what works in digital marketing and provides award-winning case studies of brands that have demonstrated effectiveness in digital advertising.

The Big Data Analytics Landscape 2015

According to AlixPartners, analytics tools fall into two groups: data stores and modeling tools. Use this paper to learn about different tools and platforms and to find the right fit for your organization.

Viewability Benchmarks - Winter 2015

Sizmek analyzed viewable data from 240 billion measured impressions in 74 countries and shares results on metrics by format, unit size, buy channel, and more.

Toward Viewability: You Can't Count What You Haven't Measured

Google believes that the industry should adopt viewability as a currency and strive to buy and sell only viewable impressions.  In order for this to become a reality, they have outlined the following three major steps that need to be undertaken:

  • Focus on counting viewable impressions. Viewability rates don't matter.
  • Adopt a single standard for viewability.
  • Resolve discrepancies in measurement.

Marketing Data Technology: Cutting Through the Complexity

The Winterberry Group and IAB explore the evolving world of data technology, including the platforms and applications that marketers, publishers, and others use to aggregate, manage, and deploy data for advertising, marketing, and consumer engagement.

Data Driven and Digitally Savvy: The Rise of the New Marketing Organization

Marketers share their perceptions of data-driven marketing, its impact on their organizations, leadership and skills development, and the role of technology in this survey from Forbes Insights and Turn. Ten strategies for becoming a data-driven marketing leader are included.

Measure What Matters Most

In this guide, Google looks at four crucial tenets of measurement-focused marketing and shows how better measurement can improve campaign effectiveness and ensure a better ROI for your marketing. The four tenets are:

  • Focus on the right metrics
  • Value your best customers
  • Attribute value across the journey
  • Prove marketing impact.

The Importance of Being Seen

Google shares insights into the current state of viewable impressions on the web and highlights trends to help advertisers and publishers formulate their viewability strategy.

A Primer for Defining and Implementing Big Data in the Marketing and Advertising Industry

The Council for Research Excellence dives into the following concepts to keep the marketing and advertising industry up to speed on Big Data:

  • Big Data definition
  • Why the approach is unique vs. existing practices
  • Coexistence with market research methods
  • Data science talent requirements
  • Data quality
  • Data privacy issues.

Advertising Metrics and ROI: A Guide to Improving Agency Accountability and Effectiveness

This practical guide from the 4A's, in collaboration with Don Dickinson, identifies specific metrics to use in measuring 40+ marketing activities, demonstrates the monetization framework for each metric, and provides templates for presenting the results in an annual Brand Stewardship Report. The guide is free for 4A's members!



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