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Emotional vs. Rational Appeals 


Emotions Give a Lift to Advertising

Nielsen says that emotions are central to advertising effectiveness—ads with the best emotional response generated a 23% lift in sales volume. This white paper highlights a framework that can measure emotions throughout an ad's lifecycle using neuroscience techniques and surveys.

The Happiness Halo: The Unexpected Benefits of Applying Behavioral Science to Experience Design

Learn how brands can strengthen consumer loyalty by connecting emotionally with consumers in this Lippincott report. Nine strategies are outlined, as well as successful examples.

Both Head and Heart: The Emotional and Rational Mindsets of Multicultural Consumers

The Futures Company and UWG research the key drivers that shape multicultural consumer messaging expectations and behavior. This white paper:

  • Explores the interplay between "rational" and "emotional" consumer mindsets
  • Tries to understand how these mindsets impact decisions
  • Suggests culturally relevant marketing strategies for brands to pursue.

The Emotional Impact of Sound vs. Visuals in Advertising

Ipsos studies the emotional engagement impact of ad sound vs. visuals as individual elements, using measurements from wearable biometrics and facial coding. Examples of ads that engage audiences using only visuals, only sound, and a combination of both are included.

It Made Me Laugh, It Made Me Cry -- But Did It Make Me Buy?

MSW-ARS finds that the key to successful advertising is to make strong emotional and rational connections with audiences. Ways emotional content can be incorporated into advertising are outlined.

Research Matters | Emotional Advertising Is More Effective Than Rational Appeals

Studies have proven that emotional advertising is more effective than a rational strategy. This 4A’s member bulletin uses data and case studies to provide the definitive how, when, and why you should use emotional messaging in your marketing communications—and when you shouldn’t.

Should My Advertising Stimulate an Emotional Response?

Millward Brown presents research findings on the benefits of emotional strategies.

One the Road to a New Effectiveness Model: Measuring Emotional Responses to Television Advertising

The five key findings in this report from the 4A's and ARF are:

  • Emotional response is measurable
  • Emotional response is non-linear
  • Emotional experiences are co-created
  • Emotional response is best measured from multiple angles
  • A greater understanding of target consumers, their emotions and associations, and how their lives intersect with a brand's stories is needed.



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