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Affluent Market 


Insights into U.S. Luxury Consumers

Bob Shullman of The Shullman Research Center provides insights into American affluent consumers, what luxury products they buy, and best ways to target them in this AdMap article. A deeper dive into the buying and spending habits of mass-market, affluent, and very affluent consumers can be found in these follow-up briefs:

2015 Survey of Affluence and Wealth

YouGov and Time Inc. provide an in-depth profile of the world's most elite consumers. Topics include discretionary spending, rise of affluent Millennials, shift in brand loyalty, and more in this overview.

Affluent Generations and Their Travel Plans

This Shullman Research Center report compares the travel plans of affluent Millennials, Gen-Xers, and Baby Boomers. Top destinations, length of trip, and cost are covered.

The Affluent Audience Online: Luxury Goods

The Martini Report reveals the affluent market's attitudes towards luxury products and how it has evolved over time, top purchase influencers, and best practices for reaching them online.

Where the Buys Are-Shopping by the Affluent Generations

Learn about the shopping preferences and behaviors of the affluent market across generations in this Shullman Research Center report. The top 25 stores where affluent consumers shop are included.

Luxury Sentiment Survey Report

This Wealth-X report looks at the relationship between the luxury industry and ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals, as well as key strategies for engaging with them.

Luxury Through the Eyes of the Affluent

Shullman Research Center reports the affluent market's description of luxury and the top 20 global luxury brands. The differences between affluent men and women are included. A separate Shullman brief reports how Millennial affluents, Gen Xer's and Boomers differ in their views of luxury and luxury brands.

The Premium Brand and Luxury Consumer

To keep up with the fast-paced luxury market, Mintel suggests that luxury companies explore e-commerce options, international expansion, and new product lines. Insights into luxury buyers are included.

High Net Worth Women

Mintel finds that women who are self-made millionaires site hard work and smart investing as keys to their success. This Mintel infographic identifies services HNW women will use in the future and factors they rely on when choosing a financial provider. Tips for financial service providers on how to appeal to female investors are given as well.

Sports in Affluent Lives

Ipsos and ESPN explore the central role of sports in the lives of affluent Americans. Engagement across platforms, attendance and participation, and snapshots of affluent sports enthusiast segments are included.

Digital Enablement for Retail Banking

Nielsen looks into the different banking habits and financial portfolios of Mass Affluent Baby Boomers and Millennials. Alternative payment usage and mobile banking behaviors are included.

Communicating with Upscale Generations in Today's Cross-Media World

Find out the best ways to reach Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers with household income of $75,000 or more in this Shullman Research Center report.

The Affluent Audience Online: Autos and the Elite

Martini Media provides a comprehensive and insightful perspective on how to engage affluent consumers, especially through digital channel. This report looks into the auto shopping habits of this segment.

Affluents Not Monolithic in Media Consumption Habits

In this article, eMarketer shares insights into the media habits of the affluent market from multiple sources.

Communicating with Luxury, Affluent, and Wealthy Consumers in Today's Cross-Media World

The Shullman Research Center takes an in-depth look at 68 platforms marketers can use to reach affluent consumers.

Product Characteristics for a Successful Luxury Product Introduction

This Straight A's blog post highlights characteristics of truly luxurious products and explains how they are important to successful product development and launch campaigns.

Affluent Population Expands in Size, Spending, Power, and Marketplace Importance

This press release gives highlights of Ipsos' annual Affluent Survey. Findings include media habits, technology usage, shopping behaviors, demographics, and more.

Gen Xers Are the Generation You Can't Afford to Ignore

The Shullman Research Center advises marketers targeting the affluent market to not overlook Generation X because they have deeper pockets than Baby Boomers and Millennials. This report profiles Gen X and examines their current financial situation, economic concerns, and plans for the future.

2014 U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth

U.S. Trust explores the attitudes, behaviors, goals, and needs of high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth Americans in this annual study.

A Tale of Two Markets: A Global Perspective on Affluents and the Business Elite

Ipsos reports on its global comprehensive study of the affluent and business elite with information on their monetary concerns, attitudes, interests, and media habits.

Upscale Latinos 2.0: A Renewed Outlook for High-End Marketers

The AHAA and Nielsen detail the market size, mindset, spending, and shopping behavior of upscale Latinos.

The 2013 Travelers Road to Decision: Affluent Insights

Google and Ipsos MediaCT discover how affluent travelers shop and book travel with an increased reliance on digital technology than ever before.

Fashion Online: How Affluent Shoppers Buy Luxury Goods

In this report, Google presents luxury shopper demographics, digital research and shopping habits, and what this means for marketers. An accompanying infographic highlights the value of online research in luxury purchases.

Research Insights | Degrees and Dynamics of Affluent Consumers

Findings from the Shullman Luxury and Affluence Pulse Spring 2013 survey are presented in this Research Insights. It examines the differences in consumers’ perceptions, shopping behavior, communication habits and media usage of the various income segments of the affluent market.

Social and Business Networking by Very High-Income Consumers

This report from the Shullman Research Center highlights the ways affluent consumers communicate with family, friends, and business contacts.

Ads, Electronic Devices, and Apps Attract Very High-Income Consumers

Find out what electronic devices affluent consumers own, what apps they installed, and what media platforms they use in this report from the Shullman Research Center.


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