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Consumer Trends 


Using Analytics and Culture to Deliver Journeys That Customers Crave | Insights from The 2015 Customer Experience Conference

Companies need to move away from viewing customer service as a discretionary item and move towards basing everything they do around pleasing and delighting the customer, according to The Conference Board. This conference recap highlights the following key issues and provides tips on how to improve the customer experience:

  • Create a customer service-based business strategy
  • The value of providing great customer service
  • Technology and mobile devices are changing customer expectations.

How Falling Gas Prices Fuel the Consumer

The JPMorgan Chase Institute studies how the decrease in gas price affects consumer spending. The report identifies how much people are saving from lower gas prices and what goods and services consumers are spending these savings on.

Bringing Families Closer: The Impact of Communication Technology on Families in the U.S.

Ericsson researches how American families communicate with each other. Key findings include:

  • Communication technology has a positive impact on families
  • Texting is increasing
  • Different services for different purposes
  • New services mean increased communication
  • Separate services for family and friends
  • More worries, more rules
  • Need for more contact.

Holiday Shopping

Get ready for the holiday shopping season with reports covering advertising trends, consumer shopping behaviors and preferences, holiday shopping budgets, and more from the last holiday season. 2015 updates are coming out so keep checking back!

Back-to-School Shopping

Insights into the 2015 Back-to-School shopping season, including top retailers, shopping behaviors, product trends, spending forecasts, tips for marketers, and much more.

Parents and Social Media

Pew Research Center explores how parents turn to social media for parenting-related information and social support, as well as the differences in use between mothers and fathers.

The Uber-All Economy: A Challenge to Traditional Business Models

In this article from The Futures Company, learn how Uber's disruption of the taxi industry is changing the way services are delivered to consumers, no matter the industry. To survive in this new type of economy, businesses and brands need to focus on personal service, availability on demand and pricing by usage. 

Research Insights | 2015 Consumer Trends

4A's Research Services identifies three major drivers and common threads behind various consumer trend forecasts in this Research Insights:

  • Convenience/immediacy
  • Being better
  • Sharing

The Future of Connected Life: The Consumer Journey to Live, Work, and Play Better

In this executive summary, PSFK highlights three key themes that drive the modern consumer to embrace new products and services:

  • effectiveness + productivity
  • balance + awareness
  • growth + personal development.

The Sharing Economy

PwC researches consumer attitudes towards the sharing economy and interviews experts on how it is impacting various industries.

An Overview of the Spending Impact of Cheaper Gas

The Futures Company finds out what cheaper gas means for consumer spending by asking the following questions:

  • How much additional money will consumers have?
  • What sort of spending power does this amount provide?
  • How willing are consumer to spend?
  • What will consumers buy more of?
  • What does this mean for my category or brand?

Getting Audiences Right: Marketing to the Right Generation on the Right Screen

Millward Brown explores how different generations prefer different screens for different activities, and gives tips to marketers on how to reach the right audience on the right device.

Mintel's 2015 Consumer Trends

In an event held at the 4A's, Mintel presented four big consumer trends for 2015: smart devices, on-demand convenience, consumer rights, and changing notions of gender. Consumer buy-in, and what the future holds are topics included for each. Click here for highlights.

The Year That Was, The Year That Will Be

PSFK reveals 2014 and 2015 tech trends and features brands that successfully capture each trend.

The Future 100: Trends and Change to Watch in 2015

JWT highlights 100 trends for the new year and explains why each is interesting for marketers.

Looking Further with Ford: 2015 Trends

Ford Motor Co. releases the top global micro-trends of 2015, which reflect changes across the globe and across demographics. Click the links to download the report.

10 Hot Consumer Trends

Ericsson ConsumerLab identifies some of the hottest consumer trends of 2015. There's a handy infographic too!

2015 Trend Report

Trend Watching describes consumer trends that marketers should watch out for and embrace in this executive summary.

America the Frugal: US Consumer Sentiment Survey

McKinsey & Company surveys Americans about their views on the economy and their own financial futures, and how these opinions shape their buying decisions. Key findings include:

  • Consumer morale remains challenged
  • Consumers continue to look for ways to save money
  • Value brands are here to stay
  • Channel shifting continues
  • No intention to return to old spending levels
  • Sentiment and behavior vary by demographic.

A-Z Culture Glossary of 2015: The Trends You Need to Know to be Relevant

Sparks & Honey assembles the top must-know terms and trends of 2015 to keep you culturally relevant in the coming year.

Harnessing the Real-Time World

GfK discusses how life has accelerated, attention spans have grown shorter, and instant gratification has become the norm. This report gives examples and tips for connecting with real-time consumers through agility, simplicity, and a good customer experience.

Meet the New Family

JWT Intelligence examines how the notion of family is evolving. Topics include changing gender roles, LGBT families, multigenerational households, couples foregoing children, importance of pets, and more. Examples of how marketers are responding to these new concepts of family and what it means for brands are included in this report.

The Circular Economy

In this report from JWT, learn about the principles of the circular economy, consumer and business trends driving its popularity, and what this means for brands. Examples of brands embracing this concept are included.

Reclaimism: Aspirational Consumers and Emerging Trends

BBMG articulates the key themes of reclaimism (the act of reselling, remaking, and rediscovering used products) and provides related brand examples, consumer stories, and takeaways.

State of the American Consumer: Insights for Business Leaders

This report from Gallup examines how consumer spending, confidence, and expectations have shifted due to the economic downturn and reports ways companies can measure, manage and improve their own customer engagement.

Search Insights: Tapping into Cultural Moments and Movements

Google examines how to use search to spot cultural trends and use these insights in brand marketing.

The Resilient Consumer: Where to Find Growth Amid the Gloom in Developed Economies

BCG finds that consumers are still tightening their belts and feeling anxious about their financial futures, but remain remarkably resilient. Learn about the new status currency and how marketers can use it to align their brand message to target Millennials.



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