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Millennials & Health

Check out how Millennials feel about nutrition and fitness, their dietary preferences, and top health concerns in this global infographic from Millennial+.

Millennials' Eating Habits

The Hartman Group looks into the food choices made by Gen Y, including the influence of products and brands their parents use, in this infographic.

Marketing to Millennials: Do They Really Shop Differently Online Than Gen X and Boomers?

Adroit Digital reveals insights into Millennial online shopping habits and their attitudes towards advertising, while comparing their behavior to older generations. An in-depth look into the role advertising plays in the path to purchase is included.

What Do Millennials Want in a Job? Insights for Making Talent Brands Millennial-Relevant

Brand Amplitude outlines ten essential truths for building a talent brand that will resonate with Millennials.

More Millennials Living with Family Despite Improved Job Market

Pew Research looks into reasons why some Millennials still live at home as the recession recedes, even though they are finding employment.

Rise of the Millennials

This infographic from IRI divides Millennials into the following six groups to help us understand the different mentalities that exist within the generation:

  • Free Spirits
  • Struggling Wanderers
  • New Traditionalists
  • Concerned Aspirationalists
  • Conscious Naturalists
  • Confident Connectors

Putting Life Insurance on the Millennial Shopping List

GfK gives tips on how to best market life insurance to Millennials in this article.

Millennials and Finance

Mintel reports on Millennial financial behaviors in this infographic. Usage of more than one bank, receiving advice from a financial advisor, and most important financial priorities are covered.

Kids Today: You Don't Know What You Don't Know About Millennials

This Hub Magazine Roundtable discussion provides insights from leading marketers on understanding and marketing to Gen Y.

Millennials and the Mainstreaming of Digital

Millennial television viewing habits are featured in this Deloitte infographic.

Millennials and the New Era of Food, Wine & Beer Festivals

In this report, Eventbrite delves deeper into the mind of the modern festival-goer, reveals insights about Millennials, and uncovers how social media affects food and beverage brand discovery and loyalty. The study also discovers how food, wine, and beer events and festivals influence purchasing behavior, and what qualities Millennials look for when attending these events.

How Millennials Get News: Inside the Habits of America's First Digital Generation

According to the Media Insight Project, Millennials search and consume news and information in different ways than previous generations. This report also highlights the digital habits of this generation.

Millennials: Coming of Age

This interactive report from Goldman Sachs looks into Gen Y's views about housing, marriage, and wellness, as well as the continued influence of the sharing economy.

Planning and Progress Study 2015

Download this report from Northwestern Mutual to learn the financial habits of Millennials and their optimism about reaching their financial goals.

Millennial Research Study

The Principal Financial Group studies the financial behaviors of Millennials, from saving for retirement to working with a financial advisor.

Lifestyles of Young Families

According to Mintel, the Millennial approach to parenting and family life is surprisingly traditional. This infographic explores the goals, attitudes towards parenting, division of household responsibilities, and purchase influences of Millennial families.

Young Adult Migration: 2007-2009 to 2010-2012

This American Community Survey Report from the Census Bureau finds that young adults move the most compared to other generations. The report identifies the top reasons Millennials move, where they move, and more.

How Millennials Today Compare With Their Grandparents 50 Years Ago

The Pew Research Center highlights key distinctions between Millennials and the Silent Generation, from marriage to military duty to women's participation in higher education and the labor force.

Marketing to Millennials

Mintel highlights the diverse characteristics of the Millennial generation and finds that they want:

  • meaningful relationships with brands
  • personalization
  • experiences
  • transparency and authenticity.

Mintel also released an infographic about Black Millennials, exploring their motivations, habits, and the best ways to market to them.

Constant Content

Defy Media researches the digital media habits and content consumption of younger Millennials.

How Do You Market to Millennials?

Millennials talk about advertising campaigns they like and those they hate, give advice to advertisers, and comment on what the term "Millennial" even means in this piece from NPR.

The Millennials Have Left the Building: Introducing a New Generation of Youth

The Futures Company reports that, as Millennials are growing into adulthood, a new generation is taking over the coveted youth market spot: the Centennials. This presentation highlights the differences between the two generations and what influences them. Be sure to look at the notes in the presentation. For a quick overview, check out this infographic.

2015 State of Modern Motherhood: Mobile and Media in the Lives of Moms

Babycenter and the IAB explore the daily lives of global Millennial Moms. Learn about their purchase behaviors, product and brand preferences, media habits, technology trends, and mobile usage. This report also provides insights and guidelines on how to effectively advertise to Moms.

Mind the Gaps: The 2015 Millennial Survey

Deloitte's annual survey asks Millennials what they think of leadership today, how businesses operate and impact wider society, and which individual characteristics define effective leaders.

Millennials Make 2015 the Year of the Milestone

American Express reports the major life milestones and big purchases Millennials are planning for 2015 and compares their financial state of mind and savings strategies to other generations.

The Pursuit of Happiness: Creating Meaningful Brand Experiences for Millennials

ZenithOptimedia explores what makes Millennials happy, how the social construction of happiness is changing, and features five tactics brands can use to infuse happiness into their marketing efforts.

Bringing Millennials to Your Table

GfK gives restaurant brands tips on how to use research, insights, and ingenuity to appeal to Millennials and adapt to their changing lifestyles and evolving relationship with food.

Why Millennial "Dudes" Might be More Receptive to Marketing Than We Thought

Nielsen researches the digital media habits of Millennial men, their spending behaviors, and identifies advertising that resonates with this demographic.

Millennials Roundup

eMarketer gives insights into the mobile usage, social media influence on purchase behavior, and spending habits of Millennials.

Hispanic Millennials and Mobile

Pacific Ethnography and the IAB survey Hispanic Millennials to understand the role mobile and smartphone ownership plays in their lives. Topics includes devices and plans, communication behaviors, advertising preferences, and more.

Millennials in Motion: Changing Travel Habits of Young Americans and the Implications of Public Policy

Millennial transportation behaviors, including reasons for driving less, attitudes towards cars, and the implications these current driving trends have on the future are highlighted in this report from U.S. PIRG.

15 Economic Facts About Millennials

This report from the White House takes a look at the adult lives of Millennials, from college enrollment to life values to how they are faring in the labor market.

Millennials & College Planning

Junior Achievement USA and PwC learn that the expense of higher education and the prevalence of online courses and alternative schooling is changing Millennial views on college and what they deem important.

A Labor of Like: Favorite Brands Ranking Report

Moosylvania identifies brands that are connecting with Millennials and discovers how they do it.

Most Millennials Eschew Wedding for Retirement

This Ipsos survey discovers the financial concerns of Millennials and the life events they are postponing because of these concerns. Spending plans for 2015 are included.

2014 Wells Fargo Millennial Study

This study from Wells Fargo examines Gen Y's concerns over debt, confidence in the stock market, trusted sources for financial advice, and more.

The Changing Profile of Student Borrowers

Family income background of recent college graduates who took on student debt and how the financial profile and characteristics of borrowers has changed over the years is covered in this Pew report.

Marketing to Millennial Moms

This report from Exponential helps brands and advertisers engage with Millennial Moms by identifying their behaviors, interests, and trends in food and dining, fashion and beauty, and home décor categories. Insights into the importance of supporting causes, as well as the evolving American family are included.

Inspiring the Next Generation Workforce

This 2014 Millennial Impact Report from The Case Foundation and Achieve focuses on Millennials' preferences in the workplace, including their job search process, how they engage with their company, and what they look for in corporate cause work.


ShareThis delves into the online social behaviors of Gen Y to understand how they use social media in this report and accompanying article.

Exploring Millennial's Passion for Food: Bite-Sized Insights for Marketers

Brand Amplitude examines the relationship Millennials have with food, especially food preferences and shopping habits. This report includes media habits, values, and best practices in marketing to this generation.

Young America and its Vices

Level Money researches Gen Y's food and beverage spending habits by state.

Young Adults and Health Insurance

Deloitte surveys Gen Y on their views about health insurance. Reasons for remaining uninsured or becoming insured, awareness of ACA, priorities in plan features, and more are included in the report and infographic.

Intrepid Millennial Explorers: Changing the Face of Modern Consumerism

Millennial Central studies the online and offline purchase path of Millennial women without children, including how family, friends, and various types of media impact purchase decisions. 

Gen Y on the Job

This interactive infographic from PayScale shares a snapshot of young professionals at work, including facts about salaries, education, common jobs, and more.

Millennials Come of Age

Experian offers marketers the insights needed to effectively target Millennials by exploring the demographic, psychographic, attitudinal, and behavioral trends of this generation.

Teens, College Students and Finance

48% of young people are interested in learning how to budget so they can manage their money. In this infographic, Mintel reveals that online resources, such as financial blogs, online ads, and social media sites, are the best bet for banks to educate young people about financial tools and get them ready to successfully manage their financial lives.

The Millennials are Coming

PLMA and Surveylab explore the thoughts and attitudes of Millennials, while highlighting demographics, shopping habits, attitudes towards store brands, and more.

Millennial Shoppers: Positive Mindset Points to Future Growth

According to IRI, Millennials report feeling that they don't need to make as many sacrifices to make ends meet and feel more confident in their household finances overall. Insights are also provided on which marketing tools are most influential in activating Millennial's brand decisions.

Millennial Workers: Emerging Generation of Super Savers

The Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies reports Millennials' retirement saving and planning behaviors.

Millennials -- Breaking the Myths

In this report, Nielsen dispels the myths surrounding Millennials, explores what makes them unique, and discovers that they are:

  • Diverse, expressive, and optimistic
  • Driving a social movement back to the cities
  • Struggling, but they have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Deal shoppers and desire authenticity
  • Connected and want the personal touch

Fewer Marriages, More Divergence: Marriage Projections for Millennials to Age 40

The Urban Land Institute finds that the percentage of Generation Y marrying by age 40 will fall lower than for any previous American generation. This report predicts that marriage patterns will continue to diverge by education and race, creating a larger gap between the mostly married haves and increasingly single have-nots.

Is Your Strategy Showing? Truth, Justice, and the Millennial Way

Moosylvania delves into how Millennials think, shop, buy, and why they keep buying in this report.

The Financial Capability of Young Adults

The FINRA Foundation found that Millennials are struggling financially. This report identifies Millennials as having low levels of financial literacy, problematic financial behaviors, and concerns about their debt.

Millennials in Adulthood

Pew studies the differences between Gen Y and older generations. Topics range from political trends to views on social issues to technology use.

Millennials: The New Age of Brand Loyalty 

Adroit Digital's survey provides insight on how Millennials think about brands and brand loyalty. It compares Millennials' views with those of their parents. Learn which advertising medium influences Millennials most in how they perceive and value brands.

Understanding the Millennials

SDL's goal is to understand the Millennial mindset to inform better marketing and business practices. Topics include mobile device usage and reasons behind connecting with brands through social media.

Millennials & Entertainment

Verizon discusses the social media, leisure-tech time, TV viewing and subscribing, content abandonment, second screening, and binge-viewing habits of Millennials.

The Millennial | Financial Behaviors and Needs

Click to download this TD Bank report focusing on the banking behaviors and preferences of Millennials. Top sources for financial advice and information are included.

Marketing to Millennials: 5 Things Every Marketer Should Know

comScore reveals details on digital and social media habits and television viewing patterns of Millennials across platforms. Benchmarks for online ad display targeting to Millennials are provided.

Research Insights | College Marketing 101

College marketing can be a highly effective strategy, but only if you approach this group with a good understanding of what makes them tick. College Marketing 101 presents the basics of reaching this desirable target and what pitfalls to avoid.

Millennials & Mobility: Understanding the Millennial Mindset

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) reveals insights into the transportation choices of Millennials.

Research Insights | The "Fanboy" Millennial (More Than Meets the Eye)

Machinima focuses on the lifestyles and media habits of the subgroup of rabid gamers dubbed "Fanboy Millennials" in this Research Insights. The report identifies different marketing approaches and provides key strategies for targeting this market.


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