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Research Insights 

Best practices, consumer insights, conference highlights, and thought leadership from 4A's Research Services and research partners. Read our most recent Research Insights.



Research Insights Newsletter
June 2015

We're excited to bring you the inaugural issue of our new monthly newsletter, chock full of reports, studies, infographics and more that you will definitely find of value!


Research Insights Newsletter

We're excited to bring you the inaugural issue of our monthly Research Insights newsletter.

Statista Added to 4A's Suite of Research Databases

A benefit of 4A’s membership is access to many Statista resources, one of the first statistics portals in the world to integrate data across 80,000+ topics from more than 18,000 sources onto a single platform.

POV: Why It’s Time to “Mobile-ize” Our Workforce

As agencies struggle to find mobile talent it has become clear that the solution is not just in hiring mobile experts, but in training and retaining the existing workforce. This POV highlights approaches that can be used to achieve this goal.

POV: The New Mobile Tech Stack

This POV explores the different components of a mobile infrastructure including attribution, cross-device tracking, adserving, and creative units and highlights potential partners.

Announcing BLAST, Borrell’s Local Ad Spending Tracker, from 4A’s Research Services

4A’s Research is pleased to announce a new Borrell database, BLAST (Borrell's Local Ad Spending Tracker).

4A's Guidance | Allocation of Risk, Indemnification & Limitations on Liability

Members of the 4A's legal, finance and commercial practices communities have developed agency-client master service agreement (MSA) guidance related to Allocation of Risk, Indemnification & Limitations on Liability.

Research Insights | Focus on the Right Metrics

In its guide to KPIs, Think with Google looks at four important tenets of measurement-focused marketing and shows how better metrics can improve campaign effectiveness, leading to better marketing outcomes.

Research Insights | The Impact Of Multi-Platform Media On Opinion Leaders

The Erdos & Morgan Opinion Leaders Study provides unique insights into media consumption by opinion leaders involved in business, professions, associations, and government.

Media Inflation Rates: Outlook 2015

The estimates of media inflation that follow have been prepared for 4A’s by Havas Media and are based on historical analysis of past inflation rates and expert consensus.

4A's Jay Chiat Awards Short List 2014

Forty-two entries from five categories have been cited on the Short List of the 2014 Jay Chiat Awards. Winners will be announced on Monday, October 6, at the 4A's Strategy Festival 2014, in Chicago.

Research Insights | Highlights from the 2014 PR Forum

This Research Insights is an overview of the recent 4A's PR conference, titled "24/7: Always on Communications.

Research Insights from 4A's Transformation 2014

This Research Insights covers four of the themes carried throughout 4A's Transformation 2014.

4A's Agency Performance Incentive Compensation Survey Reports Findings

There has been a lot of industry discussion of agency performance incentive compensation and payment by results. However, there is little recent agency information on the prevalence of such arrangements, their structure, and their economic impact.

Research Insights | College Marketing 101

Where can you find a concentration of 22 million millennials with $177 billion of discretionary spending power and ready to receive your clients' marketing messages?

Research Insights | Mobile Cocooning: How Growing Reliance on Smart Devices is Influencing Consumer Behavior

Mobile cocooning behavior is evident in the U.S, the leader in mobile Internet subscriptions, and is trending around the world.

Research Insights | Highlights from the 2013 4A’s Strategy Festival, “Strategy &”

This Research Insights encapsulating the major themes of the 2013 Strategy Festival.

Research Insights | The "Fanboy" Millennial (More than Meets the Eye)

Much has been written about how to reach the elusive millennial male. The subgroup of rabid gamers, dubbed "Fanboys," by video entertainment network Machinima, comes into sharp focus in this report.

Research Insights | The Meaningful Brand—How Strong Brands Make More Money

Our latest Research Insights focuses on the four components of a meaningfully different brand experience: purpose, delivery, resonance, and difference. This unique model shows you how to amplify the value of your clients' brands.

Research Insights | Highlights from CreateTech 2013: Left Brain Meets Right Brain

This Research Insights discusses some of the many highlights of CreateTech 2013.

Research Insights | Consumer Behavior in the BRICS

Learn how much consumers are spending in 10 categories (food & drink, housing, health, etc.) in each of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) countries, as well as other valuable consumer trends.

Media Matters | Media Inflation Rates: 2014 Outlook

The media inflation estimates in this Media Matters have been prepared for the 4A’s by Havas Media. They are based on historical analysis of past inflation rates and expert consensus. We thank Joe Abruzzo and Gregory Aston for providing this information.

Research Insights: Degrees and Dynamics of Affluent Consumers

Our new Research Insights presents findings from the Shullman Luxury and Affluence Pulse Spring 2013 survey.

Agency Social Media Monitoring and Reporting Survey

The Agency Social Media Monitoring and Reporting Survey publication contains the results of a survey conducted to gather high-level information about social media monitoring activities among 4A's member agencies.

Research Insights | Corporate Branding

Our newest Research Insights contains corporate rebranding success stories that can provide a valuable lesson for others contemplating a change.

New 4A's Website Feature Provides Members with a Wealth of Research Tools

4A’s Research Services is proud to present a new members-only research feature on the 4A’s website to serve as a one-stop destination for the latest insights into several categories.

Research Insights | 2013 Planning Horizons Report

The 2013 Planning Horizons report is a must-read as you work with your clients to plan marketing activities for 2013.

Research Insights from the 2012 4A’s Strategy Festival

Throughout the year Research Services provides 4A's members with valuable insights and industry information. Our newest Research Insights reports on the recent Strategy Festival.

Research Insights | Innovation & New Product Forecasts

One of our most-requested Research Insights is our compilation of information on innovation and new products. We are very pleased to provide you an updated and enhanced version of Research Insights | Innovation & New Product Forecasts.

Research Insights | Millennial Grocery Shoppers: Meet Your Newest Consumer

Our newest Research Insights examines what makes Millennials different from any previous generation, with a focus on grocery shopping behavior.

Research Insights | Observations from the 4A’s 2012 PR Conference

The 4A's 2012 PR Conference, Managing Brand Reputation in an Agile World—An Uncensored Conversation, fulfilled its goal of providing the audience with more than abstract theories.

Research Insights | B2B Purchase Influencers and Opinion Leaders

If you operate in the B2B marketing world or need to communicate with government officials, this is a must-read publication.

Research Insights | Observations from Transformation LA 2012

"Continuous change" was the constant at the third 4A's Transformation Conference, as well as complementary themes related to agency corporate culture, philosophy, talent and the convergence of technology with brand storytelling.

Research Insights | Marketing to Moms

This research brief provides insights on the shifting attitudes, behavior and priorities of moms today. The 4A's thanks Mintel for sharing this valuable research.

Media Matters | The 2011 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey

This Media Matter is an exclusive summary of the 2011 Ipsos Mendelsohn Affluent Survey. The 4A's thanks Ipsos Mendelsohn for providing this report.

Research Insights | Best Practices: Engaging Millennials with Advertising

“Best Practices: Engaging Millennials with Advertising,” provided by conScore, adds more generational information to our knowledge base, which includes previous Research Insights on Baby Boomers and Gen Y topics.

Research Insights | Netsize Guide: Truly Mobile

The 4A’s has partnered with Netsize to offer you a free download of “The Netsize Guide by Gemalto: Truly Mobile,” a comprehensive reference work on the state of mobile technology and its impact on business and society.

Research Insights | B2B Social Marketing

Why not bring consumer world fun into the B2B space? Some marketers have been doing this with great success. In this Research Insights, we present guidelines and some excellent case histories for you.

Research Insights | Understanding Gen Y

A previous Research Insights report covered Baby Boomers. With this one, we explore Millennials, who represent $170 billion in spending power.

Research Insights | Mobile Barcode Best Practices

NeoMedia Technologies, a leader in 2D mobile barcode technology, has published a report on best practices for incorporating mobile barcodes into advertising.

Research Insights | Using What We Know Today to Help Internet Advertising Reach Its Full Potential

This Research Insights, provided by comScore, is meant to provide a review of key lessons learned via comScore’s extensive measurement of digital advertising effectiveness.

Research Insights | Insightful? Or Just Interesting?

Everyone is clamoring for insights. But how does one unearth them and separate the proverbial wheat of insight from the chaff of reams of research?

Research Insights: Observations from the 2011 Transformation Conference

Transformation 2011 focused on today’s top-of-mind topics.This Observations paper will focus on aspects of the conference not already well covered in the press, including content from the closed SAMS Workshop for small and mid-sized agencies.

The 4A's Introduces "Fresh Press"

4A’s Research Services is pleased to introduce Fresh Press, your portal to the marketing industry. Fresh Press provides marketing and business news from RSS feeds all over the Web.

New 4A’s Publication:”Advertising Metrics and ROI: A Guide to Improving Agency Accountability and Effectiveness”

Our new publication “Advertising Metrics and ROI: A Guide to Improving Agency Accountability and Effectiveness” can help agencies improve effectiveness and profitability by enabling them to become champions of accountability.

Research Insights | What Makes for Successful Mobile Creative?

What makes for successful mobile creative? Should advertisers and agencies seeking to advertise on mobile devices simply adopt the same creative approach they use for their online campaigns?

Research Insights | What You Need to Know About Logo Design

In the course of responding to an increasing number of member requests on logo design, 4A’s Research has compiled a set of guidelines, rationales and success stories.

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