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When It Comes to Video Ad Creative, How Much Should You Customize? |

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Think with Google shares their findings on how video ad customization drives brand impact.

The 5 Minute Guide to Mastering Audiences on Twitter |

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In this blog post on Twitter, Brandwatch Audiences shares how to tweet effectively with this guide focusing on your fans, your target audience, and the unknown.

Prepare for the Unexpected: A Guide to Testing and Learning with Incrementality Measurement |

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Facebook has created a guidebook on incrementality measurement, what can go wrong during marketing experimentation, and what you can do to overcome them.

Data-Driven Merchandising: Moving From an Art to a Science to Reach Today’s Shopper |

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Think with Google gives advice to retailers on how to leverage constantly evolving shopping behavior. In this paper, you will learn strategies revolving around the use of data, seasonal approaches, local insights, and inventory control.

5 Principles of Effective Mobile Landing Pages for Travel Marketers

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Think with Google outlines five principles to create effective travel landing pages for mobile.

4 Ways to Get Mid-Funnel Impact Out of Your Brand Campaign |

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Think with Google provides a case study on Airbnb’s marketing strategy on YouTube to expand its reach in Brazil.

The State of Ad Viewability

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Think with Google explores viewability benchmarks for display and video ads around the world. Viewability rates by country and industry are included, along with tips on how to creative more effective and viewable ads.

How Search Enables People to Create a Unique Path to Purchase |

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Think with Google explores the new digital shopping behavior of consumers within categories and products. Check out the examples they provide of unique shopping journeys across automobiles, electronics, food & beverage, personal care, retail, and travel.

Appeal to the Locals: 5 Steps to Reaching a Global Audience With Your App |

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If you are planning on releasing your app to a global market, be sure to read this guide first from Think with Google. The report includes five steps to increase your app acceptance and usage.

Connect with Millennial Travelers Before, During and After the Trip |

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Facebook IQ conducted a survey across nine countries to understand what motivates and inspires millennials to travel, and how their travel decisions are influenced online. Click here to read more and discover how marketers can better tap into this generation.

The Rise of #FONK Has Canadians Looking to Brands for Info |

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Twitter explores the growing importance of Canadians’ desire to be informed and their increase of seeking online information.  A recent survey has revealed that Canadians have a degree of FONK (Fear of Not Knowing).

Three Mindset Shifts CPG Marketers Should Adopt to Win Today’s Shoppers

Research Services

Think with Google says that CPG marketers need to embrace three mindset shifts to stay relevant as shopper’s move towards a more digitally influenced shopper journey.