Video Seminar: The Art of Negotiation

This presentation was delivered to the 4A’s Large Agency and Media Finance Committees on February 21, 2018 by Brett Colbert of Colbert Group Consulting.

The Client Point of View

4A’s members will learn about client perspectives in today’s rapidly changing marketing environment. In this session senior executives, who have experience in both the agency and client world will share their perspectives on marketer needs, wants and expectations along with their perspectives on mission critical agency services and capabilities.

The Trust Dividend

Trust always affects two measurable outcomes: Speed & Cost. These also happen to be the two most important variables in this industry. Advertising is the process by which trust is monetized—certainly with consumers and the public, but before that, between agencies and clients, and before that, between agencies and employees.

Agency Models and Models of the Future

MPF attendees will learn how industry thought leaders have been evolving their agency models and learn about models, service capabilities and resources that will be needed to succeed in the future.

The 11 Agency-Client Warning Signs: How to Change the Outcome

TBWA\WorldHealth has evolved a compelling approach to agency-client relationship management. The agency has identified 11 warning signs and created a proactive process called Client Success Plans that solidifies client relationships.

Driving Creativity, Commerce and Culture

Creativity is the spark that accelerates business growth and connects brand campaigns with culturally relevant dynamics. Creativity is the unique, sustaining, leverageable skill that drives the marketing services industry.

Agency Search Consultants List

The 4A’s is pleased to provide its list of Agency Search Consultants. This list is updated on a regular basis.

Do You Have an Advertising-Related Legal Question?

The 4A’s legal consultation program is now in its 18th year. The feedback from the participating law firms and the 4A’s members who have utilized this service has been excellent.

Making Agile Work in Agencies

Having successfully implemented Agile techniques at almost 100 agencies – and seen them tried at hundreds more – Jack Skeels will explain which techniques work and don’t, why that is, and what sort of results you should expect in your implementation.

Choice Architecture in Agency Compensation

Why does every major marketer offer options when they price, package and sell their products and services?  What do they know that we (agencies) don’t? Brand marketers give their customers a set of choices: different sizes, different features — and of course — different prices.

Video Seminar: GDPR Town Hall

 We encourage you to download the following presentations and follow along with the discussions. Slide numbers have been provided for your reference in the above Table of Contents.

Webinar: What Clients Want from Their Agencies and What Wins New Business

Phil Asche and Hayes Roth of Relationship Audits & Management provide insights and guidance gained from thousands of client and agency interviews and surveys on: What clients want from their agencies and What wins new business. This session was recorded during the National New Business Committee Meeting on February 22, 2018.