Ad Industry Launches New Organization, Will Push Google And Apple On Tracking


Original MediaPost article    The advertising industry is forming a new organization that aims to convince browser and platform developers, including Google and Apple, to reconsider recent decisions that could limit ad companies’ ability to track people across websites and apps. The governing group of the new Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media will be made […]

Talent Talk: MAIP in Action

August 4, 2020 Kristina Monllose, Marketing Editor at Digiday sits down with Reema Elghossain Vice President of the 4A’s Foundation, and two 2020 MAIP VEP Fellows, Jeturi Brown, and Semsarah Faustin to discuss the MAIP VEP program, to learn about their experience with the virtual program. How they built relationships, gained knowledge, and what takeaways […]

Business as Unusual: Building Client Trust with Marketing Analytics

August 4, 2020 Discover how analytics can help your agency shore up — and even expand — client relationships despite the massive economic disruptions from COVID-19. In this session, you’ll learn how to create a long-term analytics vision for your accounts, secure client buy-in and select the right tools and processes for creating analytics products […]

Business as Unusual: Distributed, Not Divided: The Urgency In Building Cohesion at Work

August 3, 2020 Losing a shared office space has wide-ranging effects on team dynamics that are just now starting to come into full view. In distributed work, leaders must intentionally design for cohesion — the unified feeling of togetherness critical for productivity, collaboration, and alignment around common goals.  In this candid conversation, Mollie Rosen will […]

Announcing 4A’s Foundation Vanguard Program


Addressing Systemic Challenges Advancing Sustainable Change   Vision: Vanguard envisions an industry where amplifying and catalyzing the actions for Black employees’ achievement will build a future where they are seen for their limitless talent. Mission: Vanguard provides a platform for growth, impact and exposure of participants, leaders and organizations committed to preparing Black talent and […]

The 4A’s Praises Defeat Of D.C. Council’s 3 Percent Tax On Advertising and the Sale of Personal Information


The fight is not over though, as the organization’s Alison Pepper says she expects other states facing worsening budget deficits to introduce similar tax bills By Lindsay Rittenhouse. Published on July 28, 2020. In a final vote today, The Washington, D.C. City Council nixed, as expected, a proposed 3 percent tax on advertising services and the sale of “personal […]

Talent Talk: Psychological Safety

July 21, 2020 Over the past month, we have all witnessed the killing of unarmed Black men, the country is standing up and saying “enough” Black Lives Matter. 2020 has been a year of challenges, Simon Fenwick sits down with Jason Rosario and talks about the importance of psychological safety, and how teams can come […]

Talent Talk: Accountability and Impact

July 16, 2020 As Talent Leaders, our influence on organizations, people, and structures is great, and so, therefore our responsibility. As influencers it is no longer ok for us to maintain the status quo, we must commit to being anti-racist and advocates for change, even when it means standing firm and making the hard decisions. […]

4A’s Challenges Nielsen to Maintain Separate National In-Home and Out-of-Home TV Viewership


Will Result in Negative Impact on Agencies and Marketers Networks Should Not Have Ability to Dictate Single Metric NEW YORK, NY, July 20, 2020 — Today, the 4A’s is announcing that the organization is challenging Nielsen’s decision to combine national in-home and out-of-home television viewership into a single data stream*.  This stream will be used […]

BIPOC Owned Media Companies Resource List


We have curated a list of 350+ minority-owned media outlets (TV & radio stations) to make available to members and non-members. This list has been cultivated primarily from the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA, a division of the United States Department of Commerce), but will […]

CX Effect: CX + Brand — The Time is Now

July 15, 2020 In this inaugural episode, we’ll dive into key takeaways from Forrester’s recent “CX North America: The Time is Now” event — and how those learnings can be applied to brand building in the experience era. In addition we will present a conversation with marketing leaders on the importance of CX for their […]

We Need to Uproot Racism From the Top. It’s the Right Thing to Do


As the leader of David&Goliath, it begins with me. I have started an unlearning and learning process. Read the article on Adweek