Marketing to Millennials in 2019

Clever Real Estate provides insights into Millennial media habits, as well as ways to connect with them over digital channels, in its newest survey results.

Key findings:


  • Facebook remains the dominant social media channel for reaching the widest possible audience, but younger Millennials are increasingly leaning towards YouTube and Instagram as their go-to social platforms
  • Influencer marketing is a must-use strategy in 2019: Millennials are 54% more likely than older generations to buy a product or service recommended by a social media influencer, such as a YouTube or Instagram star
  • When seeking to engage with Millennials, a mix of “funny and informative” seems to be the best approach — funny ads are the most likely to resonate with Millennials (43%), followed by informative ads (29%)
  • Website and/or app appearance are more important to Millennials than older generations: 92% said a website or app’s appearance was important when deciding whether or not to submit their personal information.

Read the full results here.