Confused About Organic Versus All-Natural? You’re Not Alone

By Amanda Silvia, kNOW Research Manager at Critical Mix. She can be reached at [email protected].


This article is part of a series of on-demand research conducted by kNOW Instant Insights from Critical Mix, exclusively for the 4A’s. Check out previous articles on data privacy, consumer attitudes towards advertising, and CBD-infused products.

kNOW Instant Insights, the on-demand product from global survey provider Critical Mix, conducted a survey in early March among a nationally representative sample of 1,000 U.S. adults. The bottom-line findings: when it comes to all-natural vs. organic foods, there is some confusion among consumers.

According to survey results, most consumers either feel that there isn’t a difference between all-natural and organic or that there is a difference—but they are unsure of what it is. Among those who have an opinion on organic vs. all-natural, organic foods are perceived as being the healthier option of the two.

The survey also found that the majority of shoppers are not willing to spend more on products bearing organic labels. The food categories with organic labels they are most likely to pay more for are fresh produce, meats and poultry.

When asked to recall the first organic brands that come to mind, Annie’s was mentioned more than any other brand. Kashi has the greatest level of aided awareness and is also the organic brand purchased most frequently in the past six months.

Overall, organic purchases are low among respondents, with almost half reporting that they have not purchased an organic brand recently. Among those who have purchased an organic brand in the last six months, avoiding things like pesticides, hormones and antibiotics were the main motivators for choosing organic.

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