Consumer Attitudes Toward Advertising During COVID-19

4A’s Research partnered with Instapanel to survey consumers across the U.S. to learn their thoughts on advertising during the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of the 100 panelists we surveyed have a positive attitude toward advertisements that reflect the current reality of COVID-19, especially those providing useful information and offering consumer services during the pandemic. On the other hand, panelists tend to have negative impressions—and stop supporting brands—that put out insincere ads or take advantage of the current situation for their own benefit.

Key takeaways:

  • Panelists are tired of hearing about COVID-19 on TV, news, and online media. At the same time, they feel it is important to stay informed
  • Panelists favor brands that show genuine compassion and communicate relief efforts through informative advertisements
  • Panelists want to hear positive messages from brands, but don’t like seeing ad images that show physical togetherness, believing it sends the wrong message
  • 64% of panelists say that a brand’s advertising during this time will influence their decision to use that brand in the future.

Read the full report and view the interactive infographic of the survey videos and results.


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