Public Sentiment Towards Facebook Data Collection, Privacy, and Online Marketing in 2019

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Clever Real Estate surveyed Americans about their feelings towards online advertising, privacy, and data collection.

Digital Consumer Trends in Canada

Mintel explores digital trends in Canada with information on new tech adoption, the bright future for wireless headphones, tasks performed on personal computers, and free content vs. paid content.

Insights from 4A’s Research | Brand Loyalty: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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4A’s Research partnered with Researchscape to survey 1,000 consumers on the brands they love, how they find new products, and factors that cause them to stop buying a brand.

World Happiness Report

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The World Happiness Report looks into how happiness has changed between 2005-2018, country rankings by happiness, and how happiness is influenced by information technology, governance, and social norms. The report also includes a chapter devoted to the correlation of increased digital media usage and the decline of happiness in the United States.

Marketing to Generation X in the UK

Mintel gives advice on how brands can reach the UK Gen X market in this infographic.

2019 Tech Trends Report

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The Future Today Institute forecasts emerging technology trends that will influence the advertising, public relation, media, and journalism industries in the year ahead.

Six Conceptions of Nationality: A Global Segmentation Based on Inclusiveness

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Ipsos surveyed citizens in 25 countries to understand how much their view of nationality is inclusive or restrictive. The respondents were asked their opinions on characteristics around religion, immigration status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and criminal history. Based upon their answers, they were then segmented into six distinct groups.

The Perennials: The Future of Ageing

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In this report, Ipsos MORI examines the ageing societies around the world. Marketers frequently misunderstand and neglect this demographic, which accounts for almost half of all consumer spending.

Top 10 Global Consumer Trends

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Euromonitor has released its report of the ten global consumer trends for 2019. Find out what they are and how brands can tailor their products and services for a wider reach.

Elevating the Customer Experience | The Impact of Sensory Marketing

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Mood Media surveyed consumers around the world to learn the impact of a store’s atmosphere on the overall shopping experience.

Trends for 2019

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Ogilvy Consulting makes five predictions for 2019 in its annual trend report.

Trends 2019: Strangers in a Strange Land

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Sparks & Honey assembles the top must-know trends of 2019 to keep you culturally relevant in the coming year.