Mirror/Mirror: Women’s Reflections on Beauty, Age, and Media |

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AARP examines women’s attitudes about beauty, aging, and how they’re represented in media and advertising.

Marketing to Moms |

In this infographic series, Mintel reports top responsibilities of Moms, importance of children’s education, and attitudes towards advertising. Insights into Hispanic and African-American Moms are featured.

The Beauty Consumer |

This Mintel infographic series examines current beauty trends, especially among African-American, Hispanic, and Gen Z women, as well as the importance of influencers on reaching beauty consumers.

The When, Why & How Behind Consumers’ Propensity to Clean

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Vacuuming is the most enjoyable household chore! Learn about more cleaning habits, where people get cleaning tips, and the Marie Kondo Effect in the newest survey from the 4A’s and Dynata.

Lightening the Mental Load That Holds Women Back |

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BCG reveals findings from its survey of more than 6,500 employees in committed relationships in 14 countries to determine who bears the most responsibility for common household tasks — men or women.

Decoding the Digital Girl

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The Girl Scout Research Institute surveyed girls, ages 5-17, to learn about their digital experiences and use of technologies.

Moms and Media 2019 |

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Edison Research releases it’s annual report examining the media habits of moms, with a new segment on their views on children and technology. 

Marketing to Women in the UK |

Mintel gives insights on marketing to women in the UK with information on the most effective ads by medium, categories that hold the most interest for women, and attitudes toward ads incorporating body size, mental health, and age.

Consumers and Personal Care |

This Mintel infographic series examines the factors that influence personal care product purchases.

Global Gender Gap Report 2018 |

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The World Economic Forum reports on the progress of 149 countries towards gender parity in economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment. This year’s edition also assesses gender gaps in artificial intelligence.

Media Predictions 2019

Kantar discusses media and digital predictions for 2019.

American Family Survey | Identities, Opportunities, and Challenges |

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The Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at Brigham Young University and YouGov survey Americans on the basic structure of family, current attitudes towards marriage and family, and the perceived role of government policy in relation to the family.