Global Business Influencers |

Ipsos and 4A’s Research partner to learn about B2B decision making, media habits, and personal finance decisions of senior business executives from around the world.

Ipsos Affluent Survey Asia Pacific: 2019 Launch Presentation |

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Ipsos shares its latest annual report on the affluent market in Asia Pacific. Learn about their lifestyles, demographics, media consumption, attitudes toward advertising, influencer and early adoption tendencies, and luxury spending

The Luxury Consumer |

Learn about the buying habits of luxury consumers in this infographic series from Mintel.

A Look at Wealth 2019: Millennial Millionaires |

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Coldwell Banker Global Luxury and WealthEngine profile Millennial millionaires and analyze their lifestyle, including wealth creation, philanthropy, and property investments.

State of Home Spending |

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HomeAdvisor examines consumer spending on home services.

2019 Magazine Media Factbook

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The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) releases its annual Factbook that features research and statistics that show the effectiveness of magazines compared to other media. Industry trends, social engagement, effectiveness of magazine advertising, readership trends, and more are highlighted.

2019 True-Luxury Global Consumer Insight |

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BCG and Altagamma have concluded a study of the global luxury consumer market and share key findings, including collaboration trends, second-hand luxury, sustainability, perceptions of country in which products are manufactured, and generational behaviors.

Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2019 |

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See who made the list of the top 100 luxury goods companies by sales in this global report from Deloitte.

2019 Affluent Outlook |

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Ipsos explores all aspects of the affluent market, including confidence in the economy, media habits, financial goals, and travel behaviors.

2019 Participation Report |

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The Physical Activity Council’s annual study identifies key trends and tracks participation in sports, fitness, and recreational activities by generation and income.

Private Label 2018: Evolution of Private Label in a Transforming Marketplace |

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IRI examines consumer attitudes towards private label CPG products across generations, income levels, and region.

The New Experiential Traveler |

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Ipsos focuses on affluent travelers by generation and examines their travel habits, attitudes, and types of activities and experiences they look for when traveling.