Deutsch New York Collaborates with Mad Dog Jones to Illustrate Reebok’s Zig Kinetica

Deutsch New York collaborated with Mad Dog Jones, known for his vibrant illustration style that transports viewers to different worlds, for their latest digital and OOH work for Reebok. Mad Dog Jones’ colorful vignettes blend cities and cultures to create dreamy, stylized urban scenes—and are the perfect backdrop for the latest colorways of Reebok’s Zig Kinetica. The compelling illustrations bring to life the fusion of innovative sports tech and the elevated street-style of Zig Kinetica.


We asked Mad Dog Jones a few questions about his illustrations for the Zig Kinetica:


Q. What synergies are there, if any, between your existing work and the aesthetic of the Zig Kinetica?
MDJ: Colourful & Dynamic.


Q. Your work on this campaign blurs the line between the cyber world and in-person environments. What was the most challenging and/or exciting part of blending the cyber and real worlds?
MDJ: I like to focus on building environments that bend reality. The challenge is bringing in all the elements of a cyber world together without cluttering the composition. The exciting part is getting to let your imagination run wild and allow yourself to design whatever you dream up. The open nature of illustration is fascinating, the only limit is your mind.


Q. What design elements did you feel were most important to convey this idea of re-energizing everyday experiences?
MDJ: I wanted to create environments that felt like places you wanted to travel to. Building surreal worlds through illustration is sometimes the only way to convey the feeling of awe while traveling. In terms of design elements I always focus on lighting and light sources. Sunlight is ultimately the energy source to all existence. Every location goes thru so many changes throughout the day from sunrise, midday, sunset and the neon glow of night-time. I always consider lighting from the very beginning of my design process.


Q. What (or where) did you draw inspiration from for this campaign?
MDJ: I draw most of my inspiration from nature. The infinite combinations of plants, trees, clouds, sunlight and moonlight guide my design process. I take that inspiration and then build a garden of my own with human elements.


Q. How do you find ways to amplify energy in your everyday life?
MDJ: Make art every day. That can be music, drawing, poetry, dance or even sport. Creativity is the key. I tend to move between many forms of art, even things I’m not great at. The key is to not compare yourself to others and just enjoy the act of creation.


Agency: Deutsch NY
Client: Reebok
Campaign: FW20 Zig Launch Campaign


Chief Creative Officer: Dan Kelleher
EVP, Executive Creative Director: Pete Johnson
Senior Copywriter: Lyla Abi-Saab
ACD, Art Director: Krish Karunanidhi
EVP, Director of Integrated Production: Joe Calabrese
SVP, Director of Art and Print Production: Sarah Manna
Producer: Shelby Remer
Executive Print Producer: Jeanette Luis
SVP, Head of Design: Roger Bova
Design Director: Joanna Durkalec
Designer: Laura Chang
Studio Artist: Stephanie Matusewicz
Studio Designer: Kristen Eng
Group Account Director: Andrew Arnot
Account Director: Silvia Lacayo
Account Executive: Maria Rivadeneira
Assistant Account Executive: Sean Onwualu
Chief Strategy Officer: Matt Baker
VP Group Strategy Director: Garett Awad
Project manager: Allison Wang
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Nikki Balekjian
Retouching & CGI: DCOY Studios NYC
Illustration: Mad Dog Jones


Photographers and Directors: The Wade Brothers
Photography of Conor McGreggor: Philip Edsel
Producer: DS Reps/ Seven Five Productions


Editorial and Social VFX: Steelhead
Editor: Mike Mallen
Assistant Editor: Mike Gorczyca
Post Producer: Zack Herpy
Executive Producer Steelhead: Jeff Morgan
Zig Effect Design and Animation: John Hatheway and Robert Bischoff
Music and Sound Design: Marc Healy(Sound Design)
Audio post: Steelhead Marc Healy