2019 Chicago Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies

4A’s Chicago 2019 Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies (IAAS)
The Anti-Cruelty Society Challenge: “A Big Idea”
4A’s Chicago IAAS Schedule: Thursday, April 18 through June 20, 2019

Registration Open

Who should attend

Launched in Chicago 50 years ago, and with alumni in top management positions around the world, the IAAS program is designed for your most promising agency professionals with one to five years of experience. We’re looking for rising stars across all disciplines: creative, media, research, planning, account management, public relations, digital, social, mobile, experiential, and more.

Benefits for your agency / your people

The IAAS has a proven ROI for training young professionals to solve real-world challenges with real client partners. Participants learn to form an effective team, take on a critical role, create and evaluate ideas, and make decisions. For the first time, they have no boss—they must rely on themselves and their teammates.

The Chicago IAAS mirrors a classic agency new-business effort.

Our client partner has a real-world need and is looking for winning ideas and persuasive presentations to “win the business.” The client will brief teams, provide brand and consumer data, meet with teams in strategic work sessions, answer questions throughout, evaluate final presentations—and vote on one winner.

Our 2019 client partner is The Anti-Cruelty Society.

We’re pleased that Jennifer GoodSmith, Vice President of Marketing & Communications and her team is our client partner. Their real-world brand challenge: Create a “big idea” to significantly build awareness and support for The Anti-Cruelty Society’s mission… “Building a community of caring by helping pets and educating people”.

Weekly sessions with clients, senior agency leaders and professors from Northwestern University’s Medill Integrated Marketing Communications.

Sessions will take place at Northwestern’s Medill IMC downtown Chicago campus, The Anti-Cruelty Society, and host agencies. Senior agency leaders across all disciplines will play key roles in teaching and mentoring participants. Northwestern’s Medill IMC program and faculty are proud to partner with Laurie Stearn of the 4A’s to manage the IAAS.

Five teams will pitch to “win the business” on Thursday, June 20

All are invited to see presentations, hear client reactions and celebrate success at Northwestern’s Medill IMC downtown Chicago campus.

A certificate of achievement from 4A’s and Northwestern’s Medill IMC will be awarded to all graduates.


Registration deadline for the 4A’s Chicago IAAS is April 1st

To register your people for the IAAS, click the appropriate register button above. (You must create an account to register.) Find out more about the 4A’s login accounts. Connect with us at eventhelp@4as.org or (212) 682-2500.

We hope you’ll make this investment in your agency by registering your rising stars.

Registration Fees

4A’s Chicago members: $1,750 per person for the first two registrations; $1,550 for each registration thereafter.

Non 4A’s Members: 
$2,250 per person for the first two registrations; $2,000 for each registration thereafter.

NOTE: We are anticipating a very quick sellout, so we would urge you to register as soon as possible.

Registration closes April 1st

The IAAS is limited to 40 participants, so don’t delay. We expect to fill all available seats by the registration deadline.

Curriculum questions

Marty Kohr, IAAS Director, m-kohr@northwestern.edu

Judy Franks, IAAS Assistant Director, judy-franks@northwestern.edu

Registration questions

Kiarra Elliott, 4A’s, kelliott@4As.org

Logistics questions

Marty Kohr, IAAS Director, m-kohr@northwestern.edu

Laurie Stearn, SVP, Member Engagement and Development, Central Region, 4A’s, lstearn@4As.org