4A’s New England IAAS 2021

Purpose of the Program
The IAAS is designed to accelerate the professional development of “particularly promising” mid-level advertising professionals. Our goal is to share with young leaders our perspective on: 

  1. The “big picture”: an overview of the business and the key elements that are needed to implement a successful marketing communications plan in today’s marketplace environment.
  1. How to think. 
  2. How to work as part of a team. 
  3. How to present and sell ideas and concepts to any target audience. 
  4. How to enjoy the marketing communications industry and develop a passion for the business.

The Program is designed to help aspiring leaders sharpen hard and soft skills through the first-hand experience, solving a real-world marketing and advertising challenge for one of today’s top brands. The IAAS helps young professionals propel their careers through new experiences, challenges, and perspectives that may go beyond their current agency responsibilities. In fact, it has trained some of the best and brightest industry professionals in the business – including many of today’s top agency executives. 

Join the IAAS today to be part of a 12-week experience that provides participants the opportunity to:

  • Get outside their comfort zones and stretch their abilities
  • Learn from industry veterans with a range of experiences
  • Collaborate and overcome challenges in a team environment
  • Gain perspective and exposure to broad and varied marketing disciplines
  • Go from client brief to winning integrated campaign in 12 weeks

IAAS combines weekly instruction and access to industry mentors/advisors with a new business client challenge. This year’s participants will be divided into teams and asked to name and brand themselves as an Institute-based agency. Together, the teams will work to develop a strategic marketing solution to a critical business challenge.

Each team will “pitch” their plan – inclusive of insights, strategy, creative concepts and tactical/channel execution (paid, owned, and earned) – to representatives from the client, as well as agency leaders from across our region.

Who Should Attend
The program is designed for promising agency professionals with two to five years of experience across all disciplines—creative, media, research, planning, strategy, account management, public relations, direct marketing, digital, social and mobile. Titles often include, but are not limited to:

  • Designers/Jr. Designers
  • Copywriters/Jr. Copywriters
  • Account Coordinators
  • Account Executives/Assistant Account Executives
  • Project Managers
  • Strategists/Jr. Strategists
  • Social Media Managers
  • Media Planners/Jr. Media Planners
  • Digital Technologists/Jr. Digital Technologists
  • UX designers

Course Curriculum
IAAS opens with a client challenge, and then follows the path of preparing for a pitch. Industry instructors provide an overview of a number of skills the participants will need in order to successfully meet the client’s needs. Topics to be covered include:

  • Understanding the challenge, the brand, and the customer
  • Strategic planning and crafting a compelling brief
  • Identifying a key insight and generating a creative “big idea”
  • Crafting a campaign across tactics, channels, and partners
  • Presenting a persuasive plan (i.e. objectives, insights, ideas, budget and measurement)

A detailed course schedule will be provided to all participants following the close of registration, but participants can expect courses to be held weekly from February 26th – April 30th.

There will be two review board presentation sessions as well as the Final Presentation. 

  1. Strategic Review Board March 22, 2021 5:00PM – 9:00PM 
  2. Creative Review Board April 12, 2021 5:00PM – 9:00PM 
  3. Final Presentations April 30, 2021 9:00AM – 5:00PM 

A panel of judges will grade (review) the Final Presentations, and the winner will be announced at graduation on April 30th.

For Participating Agencies
After graduating from the Institute, your people will return to work with a better understanding of the big picture, an enhanced ability to work virtually in a team environment, and a renewed passion for doing excellent work and increasing their contributions. Marketing communications companies need a program that provides a real-life understanding of our business, and that is what IAAS delivers. The IAAS helps rising agency stars jump-start their careers and increase their contributions to their agencies. It is an efficient, cost-effective training program.

For Attendees
You will gain a unique, accelerated experience that will better prepare you for your career ahead. In the course of the program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from experts in our field
  • Work in teams to address a real-world client challenge
  • Present your own ideas and marketing plans to both client contacts and your own agency leadership
  • Gain insight into the different ways each agency works and approaches client needs
  • Network with other up-and-coming professionals
  • Build your portfolio
  • Learn new skills for working within a team environment
  • Stimulate your creativity to apply to your day-to-day responsibilities

Ultimately, this experience can accelerate your career and provide new perspectives that will shape your outlook for years to come. It helps make you a better collaborator and leader in our field.

The registration deadline for the IAAS New England is Febuary 24th. To register now, click the appropriate registration button shown below. We hope you’ll make this investment in your agency by registering your rising stars.

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Registration Fees*

  • 4A’s Members: $950 for a 4As member agency

We urge you to register as soon as possible, but if you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Registration: Contact Kiarra Elliott | [email protected] | 212-850-0789

Programming/Logistics: John Newton, IAAS Director | [email protected] |