Agency Growth: Business Lessons from the Management Consultancies

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Applying best practices from Mirren’s new business training, Brent Hodgins of Mirren will take a look at the new agency competitive set, with a particular focus on the management consultancies. While they continue to steal share from the agency industry, there are lessons to be learned to improve agency performance. Brent will address the unique capabilities of consultancies, followed by the best practices that agencies can apply to drive their own growth. In fact, several consultancy planning models will be provided, revealing new insight into how they position their firms and operate on a day-to-day basis. Expect to leave this session with action your team can take to address this new competitive set.

What You Will Learn:

  • How the management consultancies position their firms
  • The capabilities of these firms, breaking down the specific services they provide
  • How to counter the threat as consultancies continue to steal share from the agency business
  • The best practices agencies can learn from the consultancies to help drive growth

Who Should Attend:

  • Agency CEOs
  • Senior management
  • Those playing a key role in the growth of the agency

About the Webinar Series Leader:
Brent Hodgins is the Managing Director at Mirren, a firm that specializes in advanced new business training for agencies. Each year, more than 700 agencies participate in Mirren’s training programs, conferences and webinars. Brent has trained CEOs and their management teams in every major region of the world. His approach to converting business is down to a science – strategic and methodical, but often contrarian. In fact, he believes agencies have no choice but to break many of the rules for new business and organic growth, as the process is purposely designed by clients to commoditize agencies. Brent built his career in the agency business working at Leo Burnett, TBWA and

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