Beyond Impressions: How to Make Your Video Ad Results Stand Out from the Pack

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You’re under constant pressure to generate the most impactful video advertising results for your clients—and that’s why you can’t afford to judge a campaign’s success on impressions or clicks alone.

You need to focus on driving real business value at every stage of the funnel.

In this exclusive session, ViralGains VP of Product & Strategy Glenn Kiladis will explore the new world of video advertising. He’ll dive deep into why the current model for video ad success is broken, and how you can leverage cutting-edge strategies and technologies to not only generate better returns for your clients, but create better experiences for their customers, resulting in a healthier ad ecosystem that will elevate you past the competition.

What Will Your Learn:

  • Why current standards for video advertising success are limited—and the metrics you should be focusing on instead
  • Why the video dominance of Facebook and Google has been vastly overstated
  • How to leverage video to engage in two-way conversations with consumers, allowing you to learn more about your clients’ target audiences and serve them content that’s more likely to convert

Who Should Attend:
Media buyers, strategists, planners, supervisors, directors, and anyone else involved in digital ad strategy.

About The Webinar Leader:

Glenn Kiladis is the VP of Product & Strategy at ViralGains. Previously, he worked at PCH Media & Entertainment as head of their App Studio and OTT Video, Ad-Tech & Rewards Platforms. Prior to that he was the SVP of New Media Solutions & Products at Fiksu. At Fiksu, he was responsible for building FreeMyApps — the world’s largest app discovery & engagement ad network. Prior to Fiksu, Glenn was VP, Marketing, Growth Hacking & Mobile Ad Monetization for HeyWire (acquired by Salesforce), and the VP, Global Marketing + Game Developer Relations, Licensing for Zeemote Technology.

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