#MAIP2019 Housing and Travel Payment

Congratulations to all of our #MAIP2019 Fellows!

The 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP) connects aspiring diverse entry-level advertising professionals with prestigious advertising agencies. Since its inception in 1973, MAIP has offered multicultural students a unique paid, full-time summer internship at 4A’s participating agencies nationwide, combining real-world work experience, networking opportunities within the industry, and valuable professional credentials that can help participants better position themselves in the marketplace. Simultaneously, the program offers advertising agencies the opportunity to access top student talent and strengthens the 4A’s efforts to enhance the workforce diversity of our industry.

An added benefit to MAIP, the 4A’s subsidizes housing and travel costs for interns residing outside of their home city and state during their internship. Though interns are not required to live in 4A’s sponsored housing or utilize its travel provider, it serves as an added and cost-effective benefit for those interns electing to take advantage of this option. Housing facilities are determined based on their proximity to the intern’s host agency and the safety of the neighborhood surrounding the housing facility.

While the 4A’s sponsors the majority of the housing and travel costs throughout the ten-week program, including flying all interns to the annual Face of Talent event at the conclusion of the program, interns are responsible for reimbursing the 4A’s $1260 for their housing/travel costs incurred throughout the summer. The reimbursement can be paid in full at the start of the program or in two $630 installments. If electing to pay in two installments, the first reimbursement is due by May 3, 2019. The second reimbursement payment of $630 is due by July 5, 2019.

If you have any questions regarding payment procedures, please contact MAIP, maip@aaaa.org.

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