Shared Beliefs: for a new world

Location Details:
4A's Headquarters
5 Bryant Park, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10018


In 2002, only 9% of the world’s population was online. It took 12 minutes to download a song on a home computer. High-street companies resolutely refused to open online stores. Most advertising was delivered on TV or in print. And neither Facebook nor YouTube existed. This was also the year that Mike Hall interviewed industry luminaries and then released Shared Beliefs: a seminal guide on how advertising works.

The world has shifted dramatically since then. Digital disruption is everywhere, creating new ways for people to experience and interact with brands. Traditional advertising models are no longer the norm. In today’s world campaigns are fast paced, adapted in real time, fully integrated and participative.

So we decided it was time to gather to review the industry’s shared beliefs, seeing whether any of the original principles still hold true and identifying any new beliefs emerging from the new world.

We spoke to some of the world’s leading creative minds to understand how advertising is working and flourishing in this changing environment. Their wisdom has helped us create a new set of Shared Beliefs for this new era. What is great creativity? How best to utilise technology and data to strengthen brands to drive growth?

Please come and join us at the 4A’s for the launch of our ‘Shared Beliefs for a new world’. You will hear from a panel of the industry’s leading experts including…

  • Scott Gelber, President at Merkley+Partners
  • Marla Kaplowitz, President & CEO at the 4A’s
  • Tom Morton, SVP/US Head of Strategy at R/GA
  • Lisa Clunie, Co-Founder and CEO at Joan
  • Tracy Lovatt, EVP Planning Director at Batten & Co
  • Jonathan Isaacs, Chief Creative Officer at TBWA Worldhealth

…who will discuss a set of principles that we believe will help shape the advertising industry for years to come.

Panel discussion will begin at 6.15pm. Drinks and canapés will be served.

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