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Guiding Workplaces To Be Socially Conscious And Culturally Competent

The 4A’s Enlightened WorkplaceTM Certification program (referred to as EWC) is aimed at improving the access, representation, advancement and workplace conditions for marginalized, underrepresented groups and providing cross-cultural and cross-identity education.

Agencies participating in the 4A’s EWC send a clear signal to employees, clients and potential talent that they are committed to creating safe and productive work environments.

The program is built for and open to all agencies regardless of type, scale and membership status.

Three Steps To Enroll

Step One

Submit inquiry form.

Step Two

Sign and submit agreement.

Step Three

Send EWC assessment fee.

4A’s EWC Leaderships Workshops

After your agency has completed enrollment, you will then register your agency senior leaders and HR/Talent leaders for a three-day workshop being hosted in five cities across the United States. This is a required step in order to received certification.

Leadership Workshop Options

All dates below. More details here:
Dallas on July 25 – 27
Chicago on August 8 – 10
New York/Tri-State area on September 26 – 28
Los Angeles on October 9 – 11
San Francisco on November 13 – 15

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