About 4A's Login Accounts

What they are and how to create one.

All visitors are invited to create login accounts for the 4A’s website

Creating a login account allows you to access special content, save your personal preferences, create a “My 4A’s” page reflecting your interests, sign up for 4A’s email alerts, enroll in events and webinars, and purchase reports or other publications.

A login account is not the same as a 4A’s membership

4A’s login accounts are free, based on an individual email address, and can be created by anyone.

4A’s membership applies to organizations (we are an association for ad agencies) that have applied, been elected, and which pay annual dues to the 4A’s.

You can create a login account for yourself regardless of whether you work for an agency, and regardless of whether that agency is a member. The main difference is the content to which you’ll have access, and the price of any event registrations or purchases (some of these things are free or greatly discounted for members).

Differences Between Member and Non-member Login Accounts

The primary difference between member and non-member login accounts is level of access. Member login accounts can view all of the content and features on our site, including:

How We Determine the Membership Status of a Specific Login Account

When you sign up for a 4A’s login account, our system attempts to match your email address’s domain to one of the organizations in our system. If it’s successful, you’ll be linked to that organization, and if that organization is a 4A’s member, your login account inherits full access to all member resources.

For example, if your email address is [email protected] and Acme (www.acme.com) is a 4A’s member, using the @acme.com address for your login account will ensure that you receive full member privileges. Likewise, accounts based on Yahoo and Gmail email addresses do not receive full access, as we have no way to tie them to a specific member agency.

If the system finds multiple matches (branch offices, subsidiaries, etc.), you will be prompted to identify the one to which your profile should be linked. Please be sure to make a selection, as skipping this step will leave your account unlinked to any organization (and any member access to which you are entitled). If your branch office is missing from the list, please contact 4A’s website support and let us know what’s missing.

Likewise, if you believe your agency is a 4A’s member, but your login account isn’t showing you members-only content, it may be that your account isn’t linked to your agency. Please contact 4A’s website support and let us know about this issue.

Sharing Login Accounts

Please do not share login accounts or attempt to assume ownership of a login account originally set up by someone else. There is no need to share or transfer accounts. Doing so can lead to technical issues and confusion in communication.