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Brand Safety & Suitability

With technology providing numerous options for consumer access to content, we collectively have the responsibility to safeguard consumers and the brands we work with to ensure balanced environments where brands and consumers can coexist with trust.

Misinformation & Disinformation Whitepaper

  Featured in Adweek here   The proliferation of misinformation and disinformation poses significant threats to both advertisers and society. The 4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB) has turned its attention towards the intractable twinned issues of misinformation and disinformation, in the whitepaper, Misinformation/Disinformation in Focus released today. A global, cross-industry group has assembled not only […]

Diversity: Brands Miss Big Picture When Choosing Images


Read original MediaPost article here:     While companies have spent the last few months scrambling to add diversity to their marketing efforts, new research from Getty Images shows that when it comes to visuals, consumers have very different ideas about inclusivity than your typical art director. Nearly 80% of the people Getty polled around […]

Platform Ad & Content Policies

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As a service to our members, the 4A’s Media, Tech and Data team has assembled an overview of major social platforms’ ad and content policies – specifically those policies concerning Hate Speech/Organizations, Violence, Misinformation and Disinformation, and Political Advertising.  It is our hope that the overview will provide a measure of clarity and coherence, especially […]

APB Brand Safety Self-Assessment

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In order to promote sound brand-safety and suitability practices, the 4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau has created the APB Brand Safety Self-Assessment – a 50-question, self-paced exam covering the following topics: Brand Safety vs. Suitability Risk Tolerance Contextual Risk Fraud & Piracy Third-Party Verification News & Brand Safety/Suitability Social Media Ad Experience It is our hope […]

Local Media Consortium’s List of Approved Publishers

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Local News Inclusion List of Publishers – This downloadable CSV of this list is for advertising buying purposes of local news websites in targets DMA’s in the U.S. Any buyer using this list should use appropriate MRC accredited vendors for audience and ad delivery verification. Access and approval is granted by the Local Media Consortium […]