According to eMarketer, “data suggest programmatic will grow about 50% to $14.88 billion in 2015, or 55% of total digital display ad outlay”.

It’s no surprise programmatic has emerged as a topic of great interest within the industry. You’ll find all the 4A’s most recent information here.

Programmatic Ad Spend in the Age of COVID-19

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Pixalate analyzes how programmatic advertisers are reallocating investments in response to the COVID-19 crisis in this report series.

2020 Global Digital Ad Trends

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PubMatic has released its annual digital U.S. and global ad expenditure report.

Programmatic Ad Spend to Exceed $100 Billion for the First Time in 2019 |

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Zenith provides forecasts for global programmatic ad spend and predicts top challenges programmatic faces in the new year.

The 4A’s and The 614 Group Release Report: The Future of Programmatic and Automation

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Comprehensive research finds agencies, publishers, marketers and technology companies want automated workflow and smarter use of better data   New York, NY (November 14, 2019) — The 4A’s and The 614 Group today released “The Future of Programmatic and Automation,” a report that reveals that full automation is the future of programmatic advertising and data-driven […]

The Future of Programmatic and Automation |

“The Future of Programmatic and Automation” report, based on a research initiative commissioned by The 4A’s and conducted by The 614 Group, shows that a lack of automation hinders the future of programmatic. The report is based on extensive one-on-one interviews and survey responses from representatives of agencies, marketers, publishers, and platforms. Find more details […]

Attitudes to Programmatic Advertising and Programmatic Ad Spend in Europe

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IAB Europe looks into the adoption, drivers, barriers, strategies, measurement, and outlook for programmatic advertising in Europe, as well as programmatic ad spend in 2018.

European Programmatic In-Housing

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IAB reveals highlights of its survey of 950 European brands and their in-housing programmatic operations. The report includes information on adoption rates, ad spending, in-housing drivers and challenges, outsourcing and partnership ad executions, and recommendations when considering in-housing programmatic.

Trends in Marketing Communications Law

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Attorneys from Davis & Gilbert’s Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Practice Group share practical and helpful insights to guide businesses and agencies as they navigate new trends and developments. 

Artificial Intelligence and the ‘Hive Mind’

Imagine a “Hive Mind” that amplifies the knowledge, wisdom, and intuitions of human populations, creating an “Artificial Expert” that can answer questions, make predictions, and generate insights that are far more accurate than the individuals could produce on their own.

The Future of Digital Advertising Is About Aligning With Your Consumer

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Written piece by Tim Sims, SVP of Inventory Partnerships at The Trade Desk regarding the future of digital advertising.

The Future of Tech is People Powered: How to Grow with the Revolution

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The Trade Desk’s Meredith Hall delivers an Op-Ed on developing talent to face the future of tech.

The Trade Desk – Trading Academy – Testimonials

In this video, you’ll hear from graduates of The Trading Academy certification program, which provides agencies foundational knowledge of programmatic and the associated digital media landscape.

The Trade Desk – Trading Academy – Trailer

This video provides an overview and inside look at The Trading Academy certification program, which provides agencies foundational knowledge of programmatic and the associated digital media landscape.

Laughlin Constable Establishes Agency Trading Desk

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Laughlin Constable has announced it has established an internal trading desk to buy online advertising space directly from ad exchanges.

POV: The Transformative Potential of Programmatic Buying |

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Data management platforms (DMPs) and programmatic are transforming the core of the media business through innovation in ad tech as well as disruption of the standard economic model.